Identity Protection Refill Ink

By Guard Your ID

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The ink refill for the identity theft protection stamp and wide roller ensures your private information stays safe. The oil-based ink penetrates paper, leaving text like your name and address unreadable on both sides of non-glossy paper—perfect for documents like bank statements, bills, and mail.

  • For use in conjunction with Guard Your ID Protection Identity Stamp and Wide Rollers only
  • Materials: Plastic, oil-based ink
  • Ink pad replacement for the Guard Your ID Stamp or replacement cartridge for the Guard Your ID Wide Roller
  • Stamp lasts for 1,000 impressions for each pad
  • Roller Cartridge will roll for approximately 160 feet
  • Specially formulated ink to mask text underneath it
  • Perfect for bills, bank statements, junk mail and more
  • Dimensions: Stamp: 3" x 1.5" x 0.38"; Roller: 2.5" x 1.19" x 1.06"
  • Weight: Stamp: 0.03 lb.; Roller: 0.06 lb.

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Refill Ink


Haven’t had to use the refill since my Stamper is new.


Love it...allows us to recycle receipts etc without worry


Roll over almost all paper receipts and ads then toss without a shredder and without worry about identity theft.


Quick and painless way to hide id's


Gave it to a friend who now uses it instead of shredding documents/ much more efficient.


Fantastic tool to have


I get a lot of junk mail, and it all has my name address and other info on it; I used to have to shred everything, now with this roller, it goes into recycle, and I'm not worried about someone getting my info off of it; a quick pass of this roller, and poof it's gone. I just love this roller, it comes in so handy just to have right next to my desk, a single pass with it, and all info is gone. Love it!!More > < Less


Nice product


I have used it on prescription bottles and on paper, works very well.

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Guard Your ID | Identity Protection Stamps & Rollers

About Guard Your ID

Information Guard

Locking down sensitive information is as easy as a quick roll (or stamp). The identity theft protection stamps and rollers from Guard Your ID shield your privacy on things like mail, bank statements, and even prescription bottles.

The stamps and rollers all deliver an encrypted pattern that renders text unreadable. The specialty roller uses a unique ink formula that works on glossy finishes—like postcards and labels—without smearing or rubbing off. And it’s shaped to work on uneven and curved surfaces, like prescription bottles. The wide roller and stamp use oil-based ink that penetrates non-glossy paper, so information on bills, checks, tax returns and more is blocked on the front and back.

Using a stamp or roller is more convenient than shredding and more environmentally friendly, too. Paper is often un-recyclable once it has been shredded.

Whether you roll or stamp, it’s a quick and easy step to ensure your information stays private.