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With identity theft protection rollers from Guard Your ID handy, it’s quick and easy to ensure your private information stays safe. Each roller delivers an encrypted pattern that renders text (like your name and address) unreadable. And it uses a unique ink formula that won’t smudge on glossy surfaces—like prescription bottles, postcards, and labels.

  • Materials: Plastic, specially-formulated ink
  • Instructions: Swipe roller over text to be covered
  • Roller with encrypted pattern to mask private and confidential information beneath it
  • Self-inking roller cartridge easily masks long lines of text in a single stroke
  • Special ink formula works on most glossy surfaces
  • Helps prevent identity theft by permanently blocking out addresses, account numbers, etc.
  • Perfect for prescription bottles, credit card offers, bank statements, tax returns, postcards, junk mail, labels and more
  • Safe, eco-friendly, and mess-free alternative to paper shredding
  • Retractable roller for easy storage
  • Each cartridge rolls approximately 160 feet, cartridges are not refillable
  • Pattern width: 1 inch
  • Safe to use for all ages
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Dimensions: 1.8" x 1.8" x 3.25"
  • Weight: 0.08 lb

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1/8/2019 by Rita

Great item


Great idea

1/7/2019 by Jean

I'm a victim of identify theft so this is a super idea for me! I bought extras to give as gifts because I would hate for anyone else I know to have to suffer through the problems ID theft causes.More > < Less


So perfect for peace of mind!

1/4/2019 by Linda

How often do we find ourselves tearing up mail into tiny pieces or grabbing a black marker to ink out our info on a medicine bottle ....after spending 10mins trying to rip it off first?! No need for ANY OF THAT with this neat little roller! I bought 3 of these ID Protection Rollers as Xmas gifts for family.
One for my elderly folks who are often concerned about just ‘tossing’ pill bottles away, but even a black marker still can show the writing underneath in a certain light ...one for my sister and her husband to use in their business, so many times she said shredding everything for ONE little area or ID # gets annoying ....and one for my son who is a teacher and often has student info that he must keep private and is always using white out or a black Sharpie. Now they can just roll over the private info and POW! it’s GONE! You cannot see or read anything underneath!
Awesome idea, so easy!
Highly recommend this roller, great price and even less if you buy in multiples!
-Happy Customer!
More > < Less


Great Gift

12/27/2018 by Rita

The person who received this as a gift was pleased and another member of family now wants one.



12/26/2018 by Robert

Very easy to use and quite effective. A great choice for those prescription bottles with the non-removable labels.

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Guard Your ID | Identity Protection Stamps & Rollers

About Guard Your ID

Information Guard

Locking down sensitive information is as easy as a quick roll (or stamp). The identity theft protection stamps and rollers from Guard Your ID shield your privacy on things like mail, bank statements, and even prescription bottles.

The stamps and rollers all deliver an encrypted pattern that renders text unreadable. The specialty roller uses a unique ink formula that works on glossy finishes—like postcards and labels—without smearing or rubbing off. And it’s shaped to work on uneven and curved surfaces, like prescription bottles. The wide roller and stamp use oil-based ink that penetrates non-glossy paper, so information on bills, checks, tax returns and more is blocked on the front and back.

Using a stamp or roller is more convenient than shredding and more environmentally friendly, too. Paper is often un-recyclable once it has been shredded.

Whether you roll or stamp, it’s a quick and easy step to ensure your information stays private.