Mini Peas in the Pod Necklace

By The Vintage Pearl

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A beautiful keepsake for moms and grandmothers alike. Cast in fine pewter, then hand sculpted, each “pod” is filled with water pearls (“peas”) and set on a sterling silver ball chain. Each necklace is customizable up to five pearls, one for each child in the wearer’s heart.

  • Made in the USA: Tulsa, OK
  • Materials: Sterling silver, fresh water pearls, fine pewter
  • Care: Sterling silver naturally tarnishes. Polish as needed, avoid getting wet
  • Handcrafted fine pewter
  • Choose 1-5 pearls to represent children or grandchildren
  • Dimensions: 18" ball chain
  • Weight: 0.03 lb.

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Exactly as I envisioned


2 pods of 4 and one of 3 to honor my mother and her great grandchildren. They are just perfect worn together on a single chain with small separators between. They have enough weight to hang nicely and remain simple. She wears them often for dress and as casual. As things happen, I'm ordering another pod to add additional great grandchildren.More > < Less


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder James


James wrote that he was embarrassed to give this to his wife after he ordered and received it. You miss the point of the gift James. A woman who sees this 'peas in a pod' gift representing her children, will wear it with pride, feeling the love that she has poured into each life and the love she currently has for her children. So whether your an empty nester, whose children have left the nest to fly on their own, or your home rings with the laughter, joy, frustration and tears that your offspring bring to the table, this is a real woman's present that she will wear and feel the love. True love does not diminish with time, it only becomes magnified and flourishes. I know this to be true James, as I have worn my "four peas in a pod" for years.More > < Less


I’m very happy with my necklace. Great idea


I’m very happy with my purchase and with I had done it sooner


Peas in a Pod


Love it, bought it to honor my twin grandsons, wish it didn't tarnish so badly though.


It’s ok


There was a sentimental reason for this 2-pearl purchase. The product is ok. It’s rough and not especially pretty.

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The Vintage Pearl - Peas in a Pod Necklace

About The Vintage Pearl

Mother of Pearls

Moms and grandmoms can show that their loved ones are always close to their heart, with handcrafted necklaces from Vintage Pearl. Meant to be personal, these necklaces can be customized to reflect how many kids or grandkids are in her family.

Each child is represented by a luminous freshwater pearl. The pearls are set as “peas” in a hand sculpted pewter pod or "eggs" in an antique sterling silver nest. The designs are suspended from an 18-inch sterling silver ball chain, and it’s all Made in the USA.

It wasn’t long ago that Founder Erin Edwards had no idea how to make jewelry. She was a stay-at-home mom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with four beautiful children, and no formal art training. Deciding she needed a creative outlet, she turned to the internet, learning all she could about jewelry making. Pretty soon, she was in business, creating pieces for a growing market of eager buyers, all while still getting to stay at home with her kids.

Word got out fast, though. Within three years, Erin opened The Vintage Pearl’s first retail store. There are two now, and her company, still based in Tulsa, employs locals, ensuring that all of The Vintage Pearl's items, are handcrafted in the USA.