Large Embossing Rolling Pin

By Valek

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The intricate grooves on this larger embossing rolling pin put ornate patterns on your baked goods. Each heirloom-quality pin is made from laser-cut Beech wood. You’re only a roll away from giving your treats a professional-looking finish.

  • Materials: 100% Beech wood
  • Care: Do not wash in a dishwasher and avoid prolonged contact with water. Wash with soap and warm water, then immediately dry with cloth
  • Intricate engraved detail
  • Durably constructed
  • Please note: Due to the natural wood material used to make this product, there might appear to be differences in pin color. Wood grain and small fissures may be present
  • For best embossing results when baking, do not use recipe with any leavener or acid
  • Made in Poland
  • Dimensions: 17.71" x 2.36" D
  • Weight: 1.32 lbs.

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Grandchildren memories are made with this


Grandchildren always like to watch things being done in the kitchen. Here is a great memory for them to witness Grandma making a pie crust with pretty embossings on the crust. Give them a gift of a precious Christmas memory.More > < Less




This rolling pin is a work of art by itself! My first experiment was not entirely successful as the dough stuck to the rolling pin but, after some additional tries (refrigerating the dough and doing the initial roll with my regular rolling pin) the cookies came out well. I look forward to trying additional recipes.More > < Less


Beautiful pastry


This takes some getting used to. The dough needs to be fairly stiff. Otherwise it squishes into the pattern and sticks to the rolling pin. The pattern is deep enough to remain after baking, which is a real problem with less deeply patterned rolling pins. It's not quite as easy as a cookie stamp, but now I don't have to roll individual balls of cookie, so it's a big time saver!More > < Less


An asset for your baking legacy


Your children and grandchildren will love the pies and cookies that can be made with this wonderful embossing rolling pin. They will think you are a baking magician! And you can pass this along to one of them as part of your baking estate, along with the pot-roast pan and other cooking and baking implements that will be fondly remembered long after the chef has "left the kitchen."More > < Less


Beautiful Accessory for the Kitchen


Style and function “rolled up into one”, no pun intended! I loved the picture on your website, loved the packaging it came in and I loved and I loved the decorative wrap on it when it came out of the tube. Everything about it made me a happy baker!

I was unsure if it was going to be hard to use the roller with continuous, stable and even pressure to allow my dough to ensure the design appear deep enough to show well. I also didn’t want to spend more time in theroller cleaning it than actually making the pie. All worked wonderfully and the pin did not hold any of the dough. Cleaning was quite easy.

One thing to note, you must use a egg yolk wash to make all the design work visible after the pie crust comes out of the oven.
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Here’s the secret to gorgeous baked goods.

About Valek

Roll to Decorate

Made in Poland, Valek wooden rolling pins are a roll in the right direction. They give your baked creations an ornate finish.

Roll the pin over fresh dough once. The laser-cut grooves on the Beech wood emboss intricate designs. So when you take your cookies or pies out of the oven, the indentations transform into crisp golden patterns. You can even use one of the pins on fondant to make a finished cake look bakery bought.

Maker Zuzia Kozerska really enjoys baking but wanted to achieve professional-looking decorations in less time. Her sister pointed her in the direction of some vintage rolling pins, which explains why Valek’s pins have an heirloom air to them.

Countless batches of cookies and pastries later, Zuzia fine tuned the recipe to effective embossing with her final design. Now anyone can embellish their baking, beautifully.