The Laundry Guard

By Haus Maus

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The Laundry Guard is a simple yet indispensable accessory designed to address the common problem of laundry falling behind front loading washers and dryers. By transforming the top into an enclosed work surface, it is more cost effective and convenient than installing a custom counter top and allows easy access to plumbing hookups. The Laundry Guard secures to the top surface of washers and dryers with integrated magnets. The unit easily installs in minutes without tools or hardware and is compatible with front loading machines of any manufacturer.

  • Materials: Resin with magnets
  • Attaches to the top surface of front loading washers and dryers with Rare Earth magnets
  • The unique hinged design adapts to fit either one or two machines, and blends seamlessly with any décor
  • Compatible with all brands of front loading washers and dryers with a width of 27" or more
  • Allows easy access to plumbing hookups
  • Made in Canada
  • Dimensions: 21" x 52.5" x 8"
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs

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Excellent Quality

7/29/2015 by rando

Before I found this product, the vibration of my washer caused all sorts of things to fall behind the washer and dryer. A jar of mayo diconnected my dryer vent hose. No more worries with this product.More > < Less



7/29/2015 by Gail

What genius! My washer vibrates quite a bit, so I couldn't leave the detergents, stain removers, etc., on the top. The Haus Maus laundry guard REALLY WORKS! Nothing has fallen off the back or side of the washer since I set it up. And installation took all of a minute. This was such an easy fix.More > < Less


Great product

7/20/2015 by Mary Ellen

This works terrifically well on my front loading machines. Magnets hold it firmly in place and it creates a surface to work on, where before I was worrying about things sliding off the sides and back.More > < Less


the laundry guard

7/19/2015 by Don

Well made and with some pretty strong magnets that hold real good! And it also keeps my clothes in one place, and that is on top of the dryer and not the floor!More > < Less


Great product

7/15/2015 by Mary

I am so happy with this. I no longer have to move things off so they don't fall behind the washing machine. Only thing is that the two together don't quite reach both machines. Still great idea and good products.
More > < Less

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Hause Maus - Laundry Guard

About Haus Maus

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If you’ve recently reached deep behind your dryer to retrieve a wayward, and now lint-caked, sock while doing laundry, you have a kindred spirit in Julie Savalas.

She’s an artist and housewife, and now third-generation inventor, thanks to the Laundry Guard. Julie’s first invention is a fence that keeps freshly-cleaned items from falling onto the floor or, even worse, behind your front-loading washer and dryer.

Laundry Guard attaches magnetically atop the back and sides of either one or both machines (as long as they are aren’t stacked). It’s easy to put in place and definitely easier than trying to rescue that sock. The guard itself is made with a high-quality resin, so there’s no risk of it melting or warping. And, voila, your washer and dryer is now a worry-free folding surface.

Once the Laundry Guard is on top of your machines, your clean laundry will stay there too.