Spinning Whiskey & Spirits Glass

By Helix Whiskey Glass

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Sip from a spinning whiskey glass that does more than just look good (though it certainly does that). The base of this glass is designed to spin in place without toppling your drink. This creates an eye-catching effect with a purpose—the spinning action helps aerate whiskey, which opens up flavor and aroma.

  • Materials: Glass
  • Care: Clean before use, top rack dishwasher safe
  • Design of base allows the glass to spin in place
  • Spinning the glass aerates spirits and unlocks complex flavors and aromas
  • Features giftable packaging
  • Holds up to 12 fluid oz. of liquid
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3" x 3" x 4"
  • Weight: 0.9 lb.

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Your heavy, expensive feeling glass spins like it is mounted on ball-bearings. Your drink spins, looks, smells, and tastes wonderful.


Great Drinking Glass


I would recommend this to anyone - it’s perfect glass for any drink!


Just buy it...


Today, I received these glasses I ordered for my husband’s birthday. I was pleased with the unique packaging that encased an even more unique (uniquer??) gift. I was so glad I went ahead and ordered two glasses because, while I love my husband, I love my Angel’s Envy, as well, and I’d hate to steal his present when it’s time to truly enjoy a beautiful glass of smooth, aerated, amber-colored liquor.

So, if you are, like I was, scrolling through reviews, looking for the one that cuts to the chase and says, “Just buy the damn thing,” then consider this your decision-maker.

But make sure you buy an extra one.
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Gift for my Son


My son is an avid whiskey drinker and I thought these were unique. He says he loves them and uses them all the time. Seem to be heavy-duty and well made.More > < Less


Fun & Practicle


These glasses are great. I bought them as a gift for my Son. He loves them & so do I. We used them a few nights ago, they’re fun!

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About Helix Whiskey Glass

Sip + Spin

The Helix spinning whiskey glass from Epicureanist is as functional as it is entertaining. It’s designed to spin in place, but the glass won’t tumble over.

The glass creates an eye-catching illusion as it and its contents go for a spin. This action is entrancing and deliberate, and does more than just look good. It helps whiskey to aerate, opening up subtler flavors and aromas that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Epicureanist created the Helix as a new spin on the traditional whiskey glass. It serves as a conversation piece, while it also does the job of enhancing your drinking experience.