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Wondering how long to run your sprinkler? Not sure how much rain fell last night? Determining if your plants and flowers have gotten enough water doesn’t have to involve guesswork. In fact, it can be a work of art.

World’s Coolest Rain Gauge is just what the name suggests—a clever tool that measures how much water your garden
gets, either from rainfall or a sprinkler. It’s a functional instrument, plus it adds a fun, sculptural element to your outdoor space.

Created by Moira “Mo” Clune, the gauge uses water displacement to measure rainfall. A copper flute collects the water, and a blue polycarbonate measuring tube with a calibrated float fits inside the collection flute. As water fills the copper flute, the blue tube floats up, displaying the rainfall measurement. Mo uses local sources (all the parts are fabricated within a 50-mile radius of her home base) and she makes each piece by hand in New Paltz, N.Y.

Keeping a steady supply of moisture in the soil is critical for flowers, plants and gardens. With World’s Coolest Rain Gauge, you can keep tabs on water levels with style.
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World's Coolest - Rain Gauge

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Mo

    Hi! I'm pleased that the World's Coolest Rain Gauge has been chosen as today's Daily Grommet. We're having typical March weather here in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York -- we shoveled snow on Friday and wore tee shirts on Sunday -- so I know that spring is not too far off. And although I hope your spring and summer weather is sunny and warm, I do want to remind you: rain happens. So why not measure it in style? If you're a gardener, weather watcher, gadget geek or backyard enthusiast of any kind, you'll love my solid copper rain gauge. If you have any questions about its form, function, use or origin, let me know!

  •  Karen
    3/14/2013 11:50 AM

    Looks great! --How much work is involved in upkeep? How often and how should it be cleaned? Can it be left out year round or does it need to be put away for winter (in Wisconsin)?

  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/14/2013 12:10 PM

    Hi Karen,

    It depends on your preferences. You can let it age naturally, in which case it will develop a lovely patina over time or you can polish it and lacquer it for a flashy appearance. Most people let it age. I do recommend that you bring it in during the winter so parts don't get lost in the snow but it's not really necessary. It won't break or crack like a glass gauge.

  •  Elaine
    3/14/2013 12:32 PM

    Hello Mo:

    Are you originally from Minnesota? I love your name and I don't see it very often, and I am wondering if you are someone my son used to hang out with, when he attended St. Mary's University in Minnesota. Just checking! I think I will buy one for my husband since he such a gardening freak! :)

  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/14/2013 1:13 PM

    @ Elaine

    Nope, New Jersey born and bred!

  • Susan
    3/14/2013 1:52 PM

    These are beautiful!

    I'm confused about the measurements though. The tabletop model says the stand is 9" and the gauge is 6", which is 15", but the picture doesn't show the stand taller than the gauge. So is the total height before rain 9" on the tabletop and 24 for the stake model?

    Also, what is the weight of the tabletop? I'm wondering how well it will stand when the winds are blowing.

    And finally, how big around is the top gauge part, and how big around is the base of the table top model.


  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/14/2013 1:59 PM


    The entire tabletop gauge is 9" tall before the tube floats up. When the tube floats up, it would be 9" plus...whatever amount of rain falls. The gauge weighs almost 2 pounds, so it's pretty beefy. I have one on my porch that survived Hurricane Sandy! The top (around the top ring) is 2 1/2" and the base is about 6" across.

  • Susan
    3/14/2013 2:00 PM

    @Mo Clune Thanks, I'm on my way to order.

  •  ned
    3/14/2013 3:14 PM

    How accurate is it?

  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/14/2013 3:42 PM

    @ ned

    It is accurate but do bear in mind that it is marked in 1/4" increments. So if you need super duper precision, it might not be right for you. One nice feature though: if you're indoors or far away, you can see the blue tube extending out. You can get a rough idea of the rainfall without getting out of your pajamas!

  • T Blanchard
    T Blanchard
    3/14/2013 4:50 PM

    Terry &Larry. We've had this beautiful rain gauge for many years and we love it! How can we get a replacement float?

  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/14/2013 5:16 PM

    @T Blanchard

    Hi, I'd love to send you a replacement. Rather than post your address here, I will contact a Daily Grommet rep to find out how to get one to you at no cost. We'll be in touch!

  •  T. Cue
    T. Cue
    3/14/2013 6:23 PM

    I love the idea of this rain guage - so unique! How many 'inches' show before it needs to be emptied? My husband is a weather 'feak' and likes to measure and record by the day. Here where we live we can get 4-5 inches in an afternoon rain storm during the summer months. Will he need to empty during the storms????

  •  T. Cue
    T. Cue
    3/14/2013 6:23 PM

    I love the idea of this rain guage - so unique! How many 'inches' show before it needs to be emptied? My husband is a weather 'feak' and likes to measure and record by the day. Here where we live we can get 4-5 inches in an afternoon rain storm during the summer months. Will he need to empty during the storms????

  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/14/2013 6:33 PM

    @ T. Cue


    The measurement tube is 6" long but logistically, it can only push it to about 5 1/2". Interestingly, it doesn't fall out if you get more than that. The tube is just heavy enough that it stays at the 5 1/2" mark and the excess water overflows the sides. So in a real gully washer, you may have to run out and empty it but that's a lot of rain; you'll probably doing something else in a storm like that - like making sure your patio furniture doesn't float away!

  •  T. Cue
    T. Cue
    3/14/2013 7:18 PM

    Thanks for your quick response. If I had put on my glasses I would have seen it registers 6". My order has already been placed. Can't wait for it to arrive.

  •  jasm
    3/14/2013 9:11 PM

    I also have had mine for years and love it!!!! My husband took it out for the winter one year and hmm. got covered up..he couldn't find it. I looked forever to find another.gauge that I could like. nothing I found could come close to satisfaction . then this fall he found it!!!! thank goodness can't wait to put it back in it's spot this spring! I too am looking to find a renewed float can you tell me where to find? (for those that are wondering it has lasted beyond 4-5 years (glad also to find vendor that has these)

  • Mo
    Mo – Special Guest
    3/15/2013 8:00 AM

    @ jasm I'm so glad you found it! I will alert DailyGrommet customer service that you need replacement foam. They will contact you with the info we both need to get it to you.

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