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By Jeweler in the Dishwasher

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This product is not for costume jewelry. Jeweler in the Dishwasher works best when the dishwasher is full.The degreaser in the detergent mixes with the hot water and gently soaks away all the dirt that is trapped around stones and in the crevices of the mountings.

  • Made in the USA
  • This product is not for costume jewelry
  • Includes: Soaker tank used for cleaning items such as bracelets, chains, large earrings, pendants; 2 colored egg units for rings; 1 outer basket to keep all items inside secure
  • Jeweler in the Dishwasher is safe for rubies, diamonds, sapphires, moissanite, cubic zirconia, synthetic birthstones, karat gold, platinum and sterling silver. If you are cleaning sterling silver be sure to follow the directions for silver in the instructions below
  • Detailed instructions
  • Do not place any mountings that contain enamel or glue inside the Jeweler in the Dishwasher
  • Jeweler in the Dishwasher does not brighten metal and is not a polishing method. It is a cleaning method. In an initial cleaning, or if it's been quite a while since a piece has been cleaned, run the piece under hot water and brush away any remaining residue to get the polished effect
  • Neither The Grommet nor Jeweler in the Dishwasher is responsible for any stones that may become dislodged or lost during the cleaning process. Neither The Grommet nor Jeweler in the Dishwasher accepts liability for any damage to mountings or loss that may occur during the cleaning process. We trust this Grommet with our own fine jewelry, but it is to be used at your own risk
  • Have all mountings checked by your jeweler to make sure that stones are secure before using Jeweler in the Dishwasher
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 8" x 4" x 5"
  • Weight: 0.4 lb.

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A great jeweler


I used my Dishwasher Jeweler and it worked out just great. Used it on sterling silver & gold, and everything came out looking sparking and clean. So glad I purchased the Dishwasher Jeweler. Great product, Great price.More > < Less




I use this item all the time for my fine jewelry, so easy and everything comes out great. Recommended to use a toothbrush immediately from the dishwasher for certain settings but I rarely need to do this. Keeps everything sparkling and brightMore > < Less


Jeweler in the Dishwasher


I really like this product. Surprisingly it works very well. I cleaned my rings and bracelets they came out shiny.


Jewelry in the Dishwasher


Wonderful product! I was skeptical,but I was surprised when I used it. The jewelry was really clean. Highly recommend!


Easy to use


It's easy to put your fine jewelry in this cleaning system and the dishwasher does the work.

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Jeweler In The Dishwasher - Jewelry Cleaning Kit

About Jeweler in the Dishwasher

Sparkling clean

Invented by Jacque Egnatic, a second generation bench jeweler, the Jeweler in the Dishwasher Basket is exactly what it sounds like—an easy way to clean your jewelry and your dishes at the same time.

Patented and Made in the USA, the Jeweler in the Dishwasher is a shining example of American ingenuity. With nearly 40 years in the jewelry business and just as many doing dishes, Jacque was struck by the similarities between the everyday household dishwasher and the ultrasonic cleaners that jewelers use to remove dirt and bring back the sparkle to diamonds, precious stones, platinum, and gold.

Simply put your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces in the designated areas, secure the locks, and place the basket on the top rack of your dishwasher. Then, load the dishes, add detergent, and run the washer as usual.

Why go to the jewelry store when you can clean your gems like a pro just by running the dishwasher.