Portable Rain Hood

By Hood To Go

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Hood To Go is a portable rain hood attached to a small, lightweight vest that can be worn under any jacket, allowing you to stay dry and protect yourself from the elements. It comes in a convenient pouch that can fit in your bag, pocket, or glove compartment.

  • Materials: 100% water resistant microfiber
  • Care: Machine washable: cold with like colors and tumble dry low
  • Iron on low heat if needed
  • One size fits most
  • Available in black only
  • Handy purse pouch included
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 6" x 4" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.4 lb.

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Too Small for Use


The hood fits fine, but the vest is too small for my comfort especially if I wear bulky clothes! I'm a 2x and this doesn't fit me well. I see a return in the future.More > < Less


needs a fastener!


It was raining lightly this morning, so I tried it out. Zipped my light jacket all the way up (no, not tight enough); played with a long fleece scarf and decided against tying it around my neck in a knot just to hold the hood in place.

Although it was almost windless outside, the lightest breeze from walking was enough to push it up and back. I had to hold it in place as I walked the 2 blocks to buy a Sunday paper.

Sorry, but it didn't work for me under practically ideal conditions. I'll sew a snap on the hood and it'll probably be fine.
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Nice idea, hood's too large, not returnable


I like the idea of the hood, but it hangs down in back much more than it shows in the picture on right-- and does not look very good hanging over a jacket. And, the restocking fee to return was exactly the price of the hood. So, I could pay $20.00 to return, or $20.00 to keep and not use. Not a reasonable choice, I'm afraid. And my first Grommet purchase.More > < Less


This hood will not stay on!


I love the idea of this hood so much. Unfortunately it will not stay on at all. Though the hood looks alright when it is not on my head (if a bit pointed and witch-like), it WILL NOT stay on my head when I walk. It doesn't matter if there is no wind. Just the gentle wind caused by walking blows it off every time. I wore it yesterday and literally needed to keep my hand on it to keep it from falling off. Sadly, it is not really very usable. I am not particularly large or small and I am certain I am wearing it correctly (as pictured and under a jacket).More > < Less


Sent back.


Didn't work for me.

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Hood To Go - Portable Rain Hood

About Hood To Go

Take cover

Rain happens, but that’s no reason to get yourself in a frizzy tizzy. Just put on your Hood To Go and brave the elements without compromising your plans. This water-resistant rain hood is attached to a small, lightweight vest designed to fit under any jacket to protect you from passing showers. It's as good for your commute as it is for your outdoor exercise routine.

No need to tote an umbrella or wear bulky rain gear just because the sky looks gray. Simply stow this modern day rain bonnet in your pocket or purse and you’ll be ready for Mother Nature’s unpredictability on a moment’s notice.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, Hood To Go founder, Susan Hammel, was no stranger to unexpected changes in the weather. If she had worn a raincoat every time the forecast called for a chance of showers, her mood would have been as gloomy as the weather. Now when it starts to sprinkle, Susan reaches for her Hood To Go and her hair (not to mention her outfit) is no worse for the wear.