Synthetic Ice for Compression Wrap

By HyperIce

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This muscle recovery system is designed to help bodies recover faster and feel better, and it can improve performance, too. The Cold Fuel Gel is a reusable ice substitute. Load it into the ice cell on any of the compression wraps to give achy and sore muscles some cold relief—without fussing with ice cubes. And unlike ice cubes, the gel is malleable, so it can better conform to your body.

  • For use with Hyperice Cold Therapy Compression Wraps (sold separately)
  • Materials: Non-toxic polymer gel
  • Care: Store in freezer or at room temperature. Do not heat, keep out of direct sunlight and exposure to heat and open air
  • Maintains optimal freezer temperatures through a full icing cycle
  • Reusable and biodegradable
  • Please Note: This is not a food product and is not meant to be ingested
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12.5" L x 3.75" D
  • Weight: 3 lbs

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So much better than hard ice!


Love this! Easy to travel with in zip lock bags! I have put small amounts in bags for immediate bumps and bruises too!


Get this!


I love the Hyperice Wrap for my knee. This product stays cold ALOT longer than regular ice and it is soft and forms to o you. I had ACL reconstruction one years ago and nothing works better to relieve the aching knee than this stuff!!More > < Less

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Are you treating your muscles right?

About HyperIce

Pro Muscle Care

You might think a muscle recovery system is too hardcore for you, but any fitness level can benefit from tools that make your body feel good and perform better.

Ice, compression, and massage typically happen at the hands of a trainer, but HyperIce delivers the same experience at home. Their compression wraps feature a built-in ice cell with a valve that releases excess air, letting the wraps fit snugly to provide the most contact—and icy relief—to your body. Fill with ice cubes or opt for their Synthetic Ice, a malleable gel that conforms to you.

To increase circulation and flexibility, in addition to loosening tight muscles, HyperIce makes massage tools that are enhanced by vibration. The Vyper foam roller works on larger areas, while the Hypersphere is better suited for concentrated spots.

Founder Anthony Katz has always been into fitness, but he noticed his body slowing down over the years. He studied professional athletes and trainers to replicate their recovery treatment and incorporated their techniques into his at-home tools.

Whether you’re wrapping or massaging—or maybe both—your body will be treated like a pro.