Tyvek® Printed Watch

By I Like Paper


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I Like Paper water-resistant watches are a surprisingly durable new take on a typical timepiece. Lightweight, flexible, tear-proof, and water-resistant Tyvek® paper is the recyclable foundation for the fun watches that are all handmade in Berlin, Germany. Artist- and illustrator-designed patterns pack each one with personality and charm.

  • Materials: Tyvek®, electronics
  • Care: Clean with damp cloth
  • Includes: One Tyvek watch with replaceable LR41 lithium button cell battery. Included battery lasts for up to two years
  • Instructions: See full instructions for information on how to set the watch
  • Tyvek material is tear-proof and water-resistant
  • Sleek and simple design will fit any wrist
  • Digital display for time and date
  • Each watch is made to order to reduce waste
  • Tyvek material is recyclable
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Please Note: The watch is water-resistant but not waterproof. Do not submerge in water
  • Handmade in Berlin, Germany
  • Dimensions: 9" x 1.25" x 0.3"
  • Weight: 0.01 lb

32 Reviews (3.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Needs a little tweaking

2/18/2019 by Kim

I love the idea of this watch and was excited to buy it. I wore it for one day and it unfortunately broke. I lost the clasp. I think the glue that held it on wasn't durable enough. Also, the setting mechanism was very sensitive so if I hit my wrist against something, it would go to set mode for time or date.

I really wanted to love this because of the light weight and the recyclable aspect, but it needs just a little work to make it great!
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Cute, but doesn't work

1/2/2019 by Jane

So, I bought two of these for my granddaughters, and neither of them work! Because the setting buttons are under the paper, you can push the general area where they are, and the numbers change, but they don't stay set. Also, the directions are not detailed enough to really understand what you're doing. And, if batteries could be replaced, it's not clear how that is done, either. Suggestion: put the controls on the outside of the paper, and please, inform the public as to how they can care for - and really use - this cool little watch.More > < Less


fashionable, not functional

12/28/2018 by Paul

I gave this gift to my wife. She loves the idea of the paper watch, but it's buttons are too easily engaged or it just loses time. Whatever the reason, the time and date keep changing on it such that it is useless as as actual watch. She is constantly having to reset the time.More > < Less



12/23/2018 by Jeanne

I liked the concept and designs, however, the “paper strap” is already showing wear and I am concerned it will rip soon. I’ve had it less than a month. I don’t believe it is worth the $20 especially if the strap rips so quickly. Everything else but the strap section is in good shape. No good without the strap.More > < Less


Not Worth It.

12/22/2018 by Cindy

The concept is great and loved the design but the quality of the buckle is very poor. This is what happened after wearing it one day. Bump the face and the time programming messes up. Later that same day the plastic buckle broke. Now the only way I can wear it was to cut the broke buckle off and staple the watch band on. I wish the clasp and set button were a better design because the watch and band is a wonderful idea.More > < Less

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About I Like Paper

Tyvek® Timepieces

The water-resistant watches from I Like Paper are all handmade in Berlin, Germany, and come from the creative mind of Maker and graphic designer Marc Aurel Hartung. He wanted to try something different when it came to watches because he felt like traditional timepieces had become dated, with many of us relying on our phones to check the time. So Marc turned to an unexpected—but eco-friendly—material: Tyvek® paper.

Tyvek is tough for paper. Even though it’s lightweight and flexible, it’s tear-proof and water-resistant. Marc chose Tyvek because of its long-lasting durability and because it’s recyclable, too. Artist- and illustrator-designed prints pack the watches for grown-ups and kids with colorful personality. The result of I Like Paper’s by-hand approach is an anything-but-ordinary watch made to stand out for how it’s made and how fun it is.