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By ICEdot

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Use on its own or as a complement to the Crash Sensor, the Band is a silicone bracelet that provides access to your health and emergency contact information via your personal identification number. In the event of an emergency, it allows another person to alert your contacts by entering the PIN and tells first responders what they need to know about you (allergies, meds, chronic conditions, emergency contacts).

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Wristband is durable, comfortable, and stretchable
  • Personal identification number (PIN) securely stores your personal and medical information in the ICEdot database
  • To alert contacts and access health information, text the PIN to the phone number listed on The Band. ICEdot will retrieve your information and notify your emergency contacts via text message
  • Lets first responders identify you and your important health information in case of emergency
  • Comes with 1 Year ICEdot Membership
  • On-going ICEdot membership is $10 per year, per person
  • Includes Sticker Pack (also features your PIN—place in other strategic places)
  • Made in China; Assembled in the USA
  • ICEdot does not currently work with Android devices
  • Dimensions: Small: 7" circumference x 0.5" width; Large: 8" circumference x 0.5" width
  • Weight: 0.0125 lb.

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Brilliant concept almost perfectly executed

5/14/2014 by Hezi

I order the larger size but find it a bit restrictive. Even so I am very pleased with the concept and the potential safety and peace of mind it gives me should the time ever demand my medical condition is required by emergency service unites. The global reach is an added bonus. Please consider producing and extra large band for me. I would order another of that size. Thank you.More > < Less


Disappointed it is not Android compatible.

11/6/2014 by Patti

This is an awesome idea! However, I have an Android phone, as do most of my relatives and close friends. I am so disappointed it is not compatible with the Android device. Any chance of that happening? This would be a great gift that I would purchase for many people....if it were Android compatible.More > < Less


Android friendly yet?

9/6/2017 by Dee

Has this been updated to work with Androids yet?

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ICEdot - Personal Emergency Identification

About ICEdot

Crash Text Buddy

From cycling to extreme skiing, helmets remain the best way to protect against sports-related concussions and trauma. In the event that a crash does occur and you find yourself incapacitated or unconscious, ICEdot will sense trouble and contact help.

An impact sensor, notification system, medic alert, and GPS all in one, ICEdot monitors the gravity of a fall with an accelerometer and notifies up to 10 emergency contacts of your choosing via text message. It’s also able to track your location coordinates, so if you’re alone, assistance can find you.

The compatible wrist band has a unique ID that provides vital medical information for first responders, much like medical ID bracelets of yore.

After a collision with fate, ICEdot inventor Biju Thomas was inspired to create a bike helmet safety device that would let him ride without worry. Simply secure ICEdot to any helmet, download the free smartphone app, create your profile, and hit the road.