Dusk Scream Alarm

By ila Security

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Keep peace of mind on hand with a personal alarm. These small, portable security devices emit a high decibel noise when pulled, designed to attract attention as well as catch attackers off guard. Stash it in your handbag or on your key ring for easy access whenever you feel unsafe.

  • 130 decibel female scream
  • Pull chain to activate
  • Clasp/key ring included to attach to handbags
  • 3 year standing battery life when not in use
  • Uses LR43 alkaline batteries
  • Provides up to 10 minutes of continuous alarm noise
  • Dimensions: 3.15" x 1.49" x 0.75"
  • Weight: 0.162 lb.

50 Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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better than screaming


good to have should be a deterrent


Safety defense


Haven’t had to use the device yet but if I need it it is right by my side. Hopefully I will never need it. I feel safer walking with it.




Fortunately, she's never had to use it for a real situation.


This is very loud!


I feel good having this on my purse. It is really really loud!


Wow, loud and long


I feel safe when I have this alarm when I'm out and about. I hold onto the cord so if I need to I can pull it quickly. I haven't had to use it yet but I'm prepared.More > < Less

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The sound of safety in your hands

About ila Security

Make Some Noise

It’s not uncommon to feel vulnerable when you’re walking alone at night, heading to your car in a parking garage, or traveling in an unfamiliar city. With personal alarms from ila Security, a simple pull triggers the alarm’s sound—a 130-decibel blast—to startle potential attackers and draw attention from bystanders.

The Founders of ila Security were inspired by their wives and daughters to create safety devices that are small, appealing, and easy to integrate into everyday life. So their alarms are small enough to stash in your handbag or attach to your keys.

If you feel like your safety is being threatened, the last thing you want is to lose your voice. But in a panicked state, the adrenalin surge can render a person speechless. A personal security alarm from ila can break the silence.