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Designed to mimic a standard key fob, this keyring alarm is small but sounds a powerful call for help. Pull the top for an ear-splitting 130-decibel alarm that is as loud as a jet taking off. Pop the top back in to stop the sound. It’s reusable and can attach to a bag, belt, keychain, or be worn around your neck—perfect for students, apartment dwellers, campers, joggers, or anyone who wants an extra measure of safety on-hand.

  • Materials: ABS plastic
  • Includes: One alarm, carabiner, lanyard, and use instructions
  • Instructions: Comes pre-installed with battery. Simply pull the top to activate alarm in an emergency situation. Alarm can be easily turned off by re-inserting the pin into the top
  • Extremely loud 130 dB alarm immediately draws attention in emergency situations
  • Great for running, walking, commuting, hiking, camping, field trips, nights out and more
  • Included carabiner and lanyard make for easy attachment to purse, keys, or backpack
  • TSA approved and airport friendly
  • Compact, discreet design
  • Tamper-resistant casing
  • Great for use as an animal deterrent when camping
  • Includes pre-installed CR1632 batteries
  • Reusable with a total lifetime usage of 30 minutes
  • Under normal conditions and circumstances, batteries will last at least 2-3 years if unused
  • Please note: Not a toy, 130 dB frequency can cause hearing impairments. For use in emergency situations only.
  • Recommended for ages 13+
  • For every unit sold, $1 is donated to the Wish Wall Foundation, a charitable non-profit helping to support and inspire women and prevent discrimination
  • Please note: Battery is not replaceable
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 2.8" x 1.2" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.003 lb

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Purchased for Christmas Gifts

2/14/2019 by FRAN

Grandson and granddaughter each received one. Luckily, they have not had to use them yet and I did not let them test at my house! But, I really like the idea of shock and run.More > < Less


Hard to test!!!

10/1/2018 by JO

I really hesitate to test this unit, if it is as loud as it says. I have another similar unit, but I bought this one because of the compact sizeMore > < Less


glad she has it

9/28/2018 by beth

I bought for my granddaughter away at college did a test to make sure working ok and it did. Hope she never has to try it again but feel better knowing she has it.More > < Less


Safety for my daughters and granddaughters!

9/18/2018 by JoAnn

I purchased 4 Alarms for THE GIRLS. My daughters teach in urban areas where some frightening incidents have occurred . They both are dedicatedre dedicated to their students who have stepped up when untoward incidents have occurred. Unfortunately these guardian angels are not always around when my daughters are heading out to their cars.

My granddaughters are either working or at their college at all hours. There has been even more serious incidents at those locations including robberies,shootings, physical assaults.

Although police presence has increased in many areas, I am still quite concerned about their safety.I purchased the alarms and they assured me that they would have them on their keychains ASAP.
More > < Less



9/18/2018 by Karen

I like that I can attach to my purse, my key chain or even the loop in my jeans...I am disappointed it is not as loud as I thought it would be. I />
I am also confused because it says the battery can last three years but also says the device should be replaced every year.

Worse yet was the potential danger in the battery that it can explode and burn me. This company's ad also included or suggested young school age kids should have one to use...kinda doesn't seem right if the battery has potential to explode. I bought 8 one for each female in my family all are adults...but we are a bit concerned.
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About iMaxAlarm

Sound The Alarm

Feel and stay safer with a keyring alarm that looks unassuming but packs a powerful 130-decibel alert.

Pull the top to activate an attention-drawing sound that is as loud as a jet taking off or a jackhammer in action. Trust us, it is ear-splitting. The alarm is reusable—just pop the pin back to stop the sound.

Maker Michael Su modeled the low-key design on a traditional key fob so it can be attached to a keychain, bag, or worn on a lanyard. There are styles suited for kids and it’s TSA-friendly, too.

The alarm can do the job of warding off unwanted attention and works as a call for help as well. It is handy in so many situations for so many types of people—nighttime runners and commuters, campers, students, elderly folks—that we couldn’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from this small, but powerful alarm.