Personal Pill Pack System

By PillSuite

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Sort, seal, and separate your pills and vitamins into simple-to-take doses. This travel pill organizer dispenses your medications into convenient baggies and the sealer easily closes them up to toss in a drawer, your purse, or anywhere else. You can label the bags, too, if needed. No more carrying around bulky pill containers.

  • Materials: Plastic, food-safe biodegradable plastic bags with soy ink panel
  • Includes: Body of sealer, 7-part sorter with built-in funnel, two rolls of 200 biodegradable pill bags, and 4 AA batteries
  • Organizes medications and vitamins
  • Comes with two rolls of 200 pill bags
  • Great for active seniors, travelers, caregivers, athletes, and commuters
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Pills bags include easy-to-tear perforated bottoms
  • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x 3.25"
  • Weight: 0.93. lb.

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Exactly what I needed!


I have a husband and daughter that take meds every day. This has made it easier for them to remember and not miss their meds. Thank you for helping me.More > < Less


My favorite purchase


I was on a 2 week trip, and this worked much better than the organizers you buy at the drugstore.


Very handy!


Dealing with all of my pills when I travel is a hassle. Being able to pre-package them for each day is great, and this system is easy to use.


So Convenient!


I pack my pills for at least 30 days at a time and place them in a packed ziplock bag. It makes it sooo much more convenient to take my pills as scheduled.More > < Less


No More Mistakes or Forgotten Pills


Very pleased with the Pill Pack System

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Bundle your meds into easy-to-take packs.

About PillSuite

Sort & Seal

Keeping your meds and vitamins straight is much easier with this travel pill organizer.

PillSuite sorts and seals your pills into single-dose packs that are easy to store, transport, and take.

Arrange your daily, weekly, or monthly doses with the funnel dispenser then they slide into a baggie that you can label with the date and time to take. The included sealer puts an airtight seal on each bag, too.

When Phil and Diane Kimmel were packing their vitamins and prescriptions for a trip, every solution they came up with was either too confusing or cumbersome—pills got mixed up or the bottles took up too much space.

PillSuite is perfect for travel but it’s great for everyday use, too. It makes your meds manageable enough to take anywhere.