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Gifts for Crafters

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Love to do projects around the house or garage? Or is crafting more your thing? Here you’ll find unique DIY gifts ideal for fixers, tinkerers, and anyone with an appreciation for putting in the work to make something special.

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Envelope Addressing Stencil
by The Lettermate
Powerful Key Ring Magnet 3-Pack
by MagnetPAL
Spinning Loom Tool
by LoopDeDoo
Ventilated Sprouting Jar
by Bivita
Crystal Making Sterling Necklace Kit
by Mine & Shine
no reviews yet
Adjustable Straight Knitting Needle System
by My Two Ladies
Cloth Paper Towels
by Rakot75
Beginner Paper Quilling Card Kit
by Quilling Card
Mozzarella Ricotta Cheese Kit
by Urban Cheesecraft
Moldable Thermoplastic Tape
by Forj
3D Laser Cut Metal Model Building Kit
by Metal Earth
by Barebones Living
Farmer's Popcorn Cob - 6-Pack
by Sunflower Food Company
Deluxe Cheese Making Kit
by Urban Cheesecraft
Paper Clinch Staple-Free Stapler
by PLUS America
Smart Garden
by Click & Grow
Puzzle Roll-Up Mat Kit
by Eurographics
Silicone Storage Bag
by stasher
Kickback-Free Staple Gun
by TriggerFire
Personalized Stamp Kit
by PSA Essentials
no reviews yet
KNIFEDock™ In-Drawer Knife Block
by Storage Technologies
Paintbrush Cleaner
by The Brush Wash
Magnetic Nail Holder
by Safety Nailer
Advanced Paper Quilling Card Kit
by Quilling Card
Compact Reading Glasses with Flashcard Case
Really Big Coloring Poster
by Pirasta
Home Fermentation Crock
by Mortier Pilon
Make-Your-Own BBQ Sauce Kit
by Grow and Make
no reviews yet
Artisan Bread Making Kit
by Breadsmart
Finger Safety Cutter
by Nimble
Paint Barrier
by 'SnotTape
Dust Collection Tool
by The Dust Catcher
Architecture Model Building Kit
by The Atom Brick
no reviews yet
kelvin.23 23-in-1 Multi-Tool
by Kelvin Tools
Handheld Ruler & Level
by Hang-O-Matic
Wearable Nail Polish Holder
by tweexy
Ergonomic Composite Scraper Tool Kit
by MiniScraper®
Baby Keepsake Organizer
by Savor
Large Embossing Rolling Pin
by Valek
T-Rex Dinosaur Mini Building Blocks
by Block Center
no reviews yet
15 ft Fold-Out Coloring Book
by The Longest Coloring Book
DIY Music Box
by Robotime
no reviews yet
Candle Making Kit
by Luckies of London
no reviews yet
V3 Premium Sparkling Water Maker
by aarke
DIY Bacon Curing Kit
by The Original Baconkit
Pastry Circle Cutting Guide
by Talisman Designs
no reviews yet
Universal Picture Hanging Tool
by ExacTac
Beginner Wooden Model Building Kit

Gifts for Crafting a One-of-a-Kind Home

DIY experts tend to enjoy making their homes more beautiful, efficient, and fun. These gifts for DIYers are likely to light up the crafty person in your life.

Fun DIY Gifts Anyone Can Enjoy

You don't have to be a crafting pro to have fun with these gifts. 

For the Handyman With a Penchant for Gadgets

Gifts for the Crafter who Has it All (Or Doesn't Want Anything)

Some crafters are hard to shop for because they're so well-established (or selective) in their chosen craft, or because they claim they don't want anything at all. In this case, perhaps a handmade or personalized gift would be a great choice. You could always go for a Grommet gift card as well, so they can discover something creative, unique, and adventurous for themselves. 

Is your DIY-er just starting out? These handy tools are must-haves for any crafter.

Messages You Could Include With Your Gift

"You're always making something beautiful! I thought this might help." 

"I love that you're always taking on new projects. This made me think of you—hope you like it!" 

"For one of the most talented crafters I know. Enjoy!" 

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