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Gifts for Kids

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Need gifts for kids? We've got the little ones covered, from fun games to new toys, and including all the delightful goods in between. Whether it's your own kiddos or friends, family, or classmates, our collection of kid-friendly gifts is full of finds they'll want to play with.

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Blinks Game System - Starter Set
by Move38
no reviews yet
Original Tablet Pillow
by Flippy
no reviews yet
Kid-Friendly Archery Set
by Two Bros Bows
Really Big Coloring Poster
by Pirasta
Giant Cookie
by Fantastic Fortune Cookies
HugglePod Hanging Tent
by HearthSong
no reviews yet
Numerical Tile Game
by Möbi
Bluetooth Animal Speaker
by My Audio Pet
Original Zen Drawing Board
by Buddha Board
HugglePod Lite Hanging Chair
by HearthSong
no reviews yet
Smartphone Enabled Kids' Camera
by Pixlplay
Foxtail Softie Ball Toy
by Foxtail
Architecture Model Building Kit
by The Atom Brick
no reviews yet
First Foods Set
by ezpz
Balance Board
by Spooner
T-Rex Dinosaur Mini Building Blocks
by Block Center
no reviews yet
Augmented Reality Puzzle Cube
by Cube-Tastic!
Tiny Roll Up Portable Toy Instrument
by Rock And Roll It
no reviews yet
15 ft Fold-Out Coloring Book
by The Longest Coloring Book
Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter
by Hover-1
no reviews yet
Kid's Animal Weighted Lap Pad
by Huggaroo
Light-Up Capture the Flag REDUX
by Starlux Games
Quoridor Wooden Strategy Game
by Gigamic
Roto Brain 3D Puzzle Sphere
by Creative Brainworks
Roll-Up Travel Chess / Checkers
by Sondergut
Mad Mattr Moldable Doh
by Relevant Play
Washable Foam Animal Costume Masks
by Go Fun Face
Ride-On Unicorn
by PonyCycle
Dice Game
Knee High Character Socks
by MooshWalks
Fruit Protector & Ripen Buddy
by The Avocado Sock
no reviews yet
Lil' Mib
by brandnewnoise
Rotating Word Tile Game
by Jabuka Games
Mini Mat
by ezpz
Levitating Lamp
by Lamp Depot
no reviews yet
Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit
by Mixify Beauty
B3 Blitz Toss Pong Game
by Creative Brainworks
no reviews yet
Wooden Mini Golf Board Game
by Plakks
Kid's Cotton Canvas Indoor Play Tent
by Role Play
no reviews yet
Set of 2 Food Dividers
by FoodCubby
Roller Coaster Building Block Set
no reviews yet
Kite & Kite Flying Handle
by Castakite
Creative Building Blocks Toy Set
by Lux Blox
Cozybo Bean Bag Blanket
by Yogibo
no reviews yet
Alphabet Pins
by Pin Pals
HoverQuad Remote Control Light-Up Car
by Mindscope Products
3D Building Puzzle Toy
Soccer Tabletop Board Game
by Plakks

There are few parts of gift-giving more delightful than seeing your favorite child's eyes light up as they open the wrapping and peek into the box. Finding the perfect gifts for kids can feel a bit like tracking down a unicorn, but here are some great options for a special child or a gift for the whole family to share.

Gifts for kids of all ages

Whether it's a gift for your own little ones or a young family member that's growing faster than you can keep track of, these all-ages gifts will make them feel like they've hit the new toy jackpot:

Personalizing your kids' gifts

Even in big families, personalized gifts go a long way towards reinforcing the special connections you share with a child. Giving personalized kids' gifts—particularly ones imprinted with their name or initials—will make them feel special long after the event, holiday, or get-together is over. Include a note that lets them know how much they mean to you, too:

Gifts for a musical child

Singing, playing, dancing, and tapping, your gift-ee has got the music in them, so make sure their gift does too. These “play”-ful music toys for kids will help them express their inner muse and make some sensational original tunes along the way:

Cool gifts for girls and boys

Amazing gifts for kids are harder to get as they get older, particularly when so many stores are inevitably sold out of "the" hot item of the moment. Think outside of the gift box with some unexpected presents:

Searching for a gift that’ll keep your kids off their phones? Check out these cool screen-free gifts.

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