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A block print scarf from INK + ALLOY is a versatile, wear-anywhere layer that stands out. Each scarf is made by hand, which makes it one of a kind.

A family of artisans creates the block prints—and has been practicing the art for five generations. They carve the blocks, then dip them in dye and stamp the design on cotton. The
resulting bold geometric print is the perfect balance to the scarves’ airy texture. And with the oversized design, the scarf can easily serve as a colorful sarong or shawl, too.

INK + ALLOY also creates elegant jewelry, and we were taken with their multi-strand glass seed bead bracelets. Also handcrafted in India, they can serve as an eye-catching complement to the scarves. Both accessories celebrate time-honored artistic traditions that can be worn every day.
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So airy. So original. Wrap yourself in this.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Gretchen

    Hi I am Gretchen Hollingsworth, Founder of INK + ALLOY. I am so excited to be featured on The Grommet.

    INK + ALLOY combines authenticity of style and craftsmanship with modern fashion to create cool, creative, and always unique pieces. Each accessory is handmade and inspired by travel and diversity. INK + ALLOY is made for the modern American woman.

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