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By InRoad Toys

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Printed to look like a railroad track, PlayTape Railroad Track is a roll of removable tape that's perfect for playing with toy trains. PlayTape is a fast, fun way to lay down instant train tracks anywhere for creative play.

  • Made in the USA: New York
  • Materials: Toxin-free, disposable, and recyclable self-adhesive paper tape
  • With a single roll of PlayTape Classic Railroad Track, you can create a railroad or a whole network of tracks. Use the toy trains you already have to ride on PlayTape
  • Ideal for laying down railroad track for playing with toy trains (especially those with wheels made for wooden tracks)
  • Design is of a railroad track with wooden ties
  • Sticks to any flat surface
  • Paper tape is easy to tear and does not require scissors
  • Easily stored and transported
  • Repositionable
  • Easy to remove, leaves no residue
  • Ages 3+
  • Dimensions: Tape: 60' x 2" (wooden train scale
); Rails: 1" center-to-center
  • Weight: Less than 1 lb.

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11/6/2015 by Donna

Lots of fun for the kids!


Great for Thomas the Tank!!!

9/28/2015 by diana

He is 4 and lives in another State so I have not seen him play with it, but I've heard from him and his Mom and they both say he loves it. My grandson, who is now 18, was into Thomas the Tank when he was 4 and before he came over I would vacuum the carpet giving him a clean slate to make his train tracks. I know he would have enjoyed this too.More > < Less


Incredinly fin tape!

3/31/2015 by Ann

Incredibly fun tape! Easy to lay out and reuse. Perfect width for Thomas wooden railway trains.



3/8/2015 by Sue

A wonderful present to take to my young nephew and grandsons!! Great idea! Thanks! PS they really didn't need more cars, trucks or trains!


"Oh, wow"

3/4/2015 by Antoinette

To quote the three year old I gave it to "oh, wow!" Such a fun idea to play and decorate with, and it doesn't take up any spaceup any space :)More > < Less

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PlayTape - Roads & Rails

About InRoad Toys PlayTape

Room to Zoom

With a matchbox car or toy train in hand, kids’ imaginations know no limits. Now there’s a road that can go wherever your child wants to place it—on hardwood floors, carpets, tabletops, couches, and even up the walls.

Made in the USA, PlayTape is the brainchild of Dad and founder Andy Musliner. Inspired by his son’s obsession with things that go vroom, Andy noted that what was missing from his little guy’s collection of cars, trucks, and trains was an easy way to lay down tracks.

Available in several widths to accommodate vehicles of varying sizes and shapes, PlayTape is a roll of easy-tear tape that looks like a blacktop or railroad and sticks to any flat surface without leaving behind sticky residue. Like painter’s tape, PlayTape is non-damaging and can be repositioned however your child desires.

For playing (and even decorating) at home or traveling on vacation, the possibilities are as endless as a desert highway.