Tirso Standing Spreader Knife


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Stand this balancing knife on the table and its weighted base makes it stay straight up—keeping your counter or plate clean. The innovative stainless steel design keeps it close at hand and creates less mess—whether you’re sharing a knife at breakfast or making a gooey PB&J.

  • Materials: 18.10 mirror finish stainless steel
  • Care: Wash with warm, soapy water before first use. Dishwasher safe
  • Unique, balanced design
  • Manufactured with a rounded heavy base to stabilize knife
  • Stands upright keeping table and counter mess-free
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 8.5" x 1.5" diameter
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

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Worthless piece of junk.

10/24/2016 by Johni

I'm so upset, I bought FOUR thinking it was so clever and would make a good stocking stuffer but it is so poorly designed!!!! It falls over constantly, and won't stand up unless you VERY carefully balance it. It would have been so easy to engineer this correctly. It's a $20 piece of Chinese junk.More > < Less


Topples easily

10/20/2016 by Cutcomb

I feel quilty writing this negative review because The Grommet folks immediately sent me a return shipping label after I complained the knife, which is intended to stand up, has a... wait for it: ROUNDED BASE. Making it unstable and topples easily. It's difficult just to get it to stand when you casually attempt to set it down. Getting it to stand requires special care & effort. And then, don 't let anything brush against it or bump the table. The composition of the knife itself is very good and I would want to have kept the two I ordered, and buy even more as gifts, if the base were flat and the knife would stand securely.More > < Less


Will drive you crazy

10/11/2016 by Marijke

I was thrilled when I saw this item . I ordered three. One for me two as stocking stuffers. I couldn't wait to use it. Unfortunately, the bottombottom has been designed rounded. Why? It rocks, falls over and generally drives me crazy. If you put it down on a crumb it tips over,
If you put it down fast it tips over. If you bump the counter or the knife it falls over. So what's
the point.
Let me know if this gets a redesign and I would love to try again.
In the mean time grommet will send you a prepaid label to ship it back, thank you grommet.
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See a knife that defies gravity.

About IPAC

Stand-Up Knife

This balancing knife stays upright and accessible, thanks to its weighted base. Its gravity-defying design removes the need to rest a dirty blade on a plate or counter.

Tidy up your PB&J station, add a touch of ingenuity to the cheese spread at a cocktail party, or make sure no one monopolizes the butter knife at breakfast.

Tirso was designed by IPAC, an 80-year-old Italian company that specializes in stainless steel kitchenware innovation. They named Tirso after the thyrsus, or wand, used by Dionysus in Greek mythology.

It’s the perfect inspiration for this standing knife—it resembles a magic wand and creates less mess.