Touchscreen Cleaner

By iRoller

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A liquid-free, reusable touchscreen cleaner for your smartphone, tablet, GPS, or any other touchscreen device.

  • Materials: Plastic
  • Care: Rinse with water
  • Reusable, liquid-free, and pocket-sized
  • Removes bacteria from touch surfaces
  • Roll over cover protects iRoller when not in use
  • To use, open the outer shell and move roller over screen to remove dust, fingerprints, or smudges
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 1" x 1"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.

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This works amazingly well, and I love how portable it is!


Love it!


It's a wonderful product!




Love my iRoller. Works better than I expected.


Works great!


It may not be cleaning off germs, but it does clean off smudge. I have to cross over more than once, but that's okay because I promise its really smudgy by the time I get around to it. Bought this for myself and family members who use it for their phone screens and don't seem to mind carrying them with them during the day so the size and the fact that it closes up is a plus. I have never washed mine so I can't say anything about that. Had it a year and I don't see a need to do that yet.More > < Less


Great product!


I use this regularly to clean my touchscreens.

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iRoller - Touchscreen Cleaner

About iRoller

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Keep your touchscreens clean with the iRoller—a compact, reusable way to lift away fingerprints and dust without sprays or cloths. A few gentle swipes with the sticky surface, and your touchscreen will be smudge free.

The iRoller’s sticky material was originally invented by plastic surgeon Dr. Stanley Taub for organizing operating instruments. He realized that it had other uses, like cleaning oil and debris from touchscreens.

Because you can use it over and over again, the iRoller is more economical than disposable, pre-moistened wipes. It’s easier to manage than bottles of liquid cleaner, too. Made to fit in your backpack, purse, or glove box, the retractable cover protects the sticky surface when you store it.

To clean your iRoller, just run the roller under tap water and air dry or gently blot with a lint-free cloth. Your iRoller will be ready and waiting for the next round of touchscreen cleanup.