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Seduction Bangle Set



Lacquered and gold leafed accessories. Handmade using a 1,000- year-old antique process and one artist’s modern sensibility -- a true fusion of high design and an ancient paper making technique. Seduction Bangle Set

  • Three 1 cm width bands
  • Fits up to a 7.5 inch wrist
  • Made in Japan

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Lovely and comfortable to wear

by for Seduction Bangle Set

I absolutely love these bangles. My only concern is how sturdy they are. They are so delicate-looking (not flimsy, though!); when I wear them, I live in a constant fear of bending them by accidentally banging them against something. According to the enclosed instructions they can be gently' unbent' if that happens. They are even waterproof! Another thing: they are also kind of hard to put on. According to the description on the website they fit up to a 7.5-inch wrist but it takes some tugging to put them on and my wrist measures 5 inches. I measured the widest part of my hand and that is 7.5 inches - I think that gives you a more realistic way to decide whether the bangles are going to fit. If you have 7.5 inch wrists these bangles are going to be pretty snug and they are not stretchy at all.
I only ordered this item a few weeks ago and have worn it 2-3 times but if it were flimsy I would have destroyed them by now. I have been known for destroying most everything in my path since I am very clumsy...
This piece of jewelry is the perfect 'signature piece', something that you can wear all the time and looks and is unique.
I love it so much I may order a 'back-up' just in case something eventually happens to the one I am wearing now...

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About Evelyn Claude Designs

Gold Leaf Luxury

To see more of Evelyn's amazing story and her walking tour of Kanazawa, click through to our blog. In addition, Daily Grommet is donating 10% of today's sales of Evelyn Claude Accessories to the Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Fund.

It’s not easy to reinterpret an ancient practice for a contemporary audience, but designer Evelyn Claude has achieved the perfect balance of traditional craftsmanship and modern aesthetics in her handmade jewelry.

The inspiration is an ancient Japanese technique called Kin-maki-e, where gold powder is dusted onto lacquered designs and polished, layer
by layer, to create a fine sparkle. Evelyn has mastered the Kin-maki-e technique and applied it to an innovative paper-like material called Yupo, which she then carves into modern forms to make her distinctive jewelry pieces.

A New Yorker by birth, Evelyn moved to Japan 13 years ago and today is settled in the cultural center of Kanazawa, which sits on the Sea of Japan and is known for its abundance of gold leaf. We heard about her designs from Daily Grommet reader Lauren Scharf Homer, who has been wearing one of Eveyln’s bracelets – and fielding lots of compliments – for about a year.

“Evelyn Claude's jewelry is not only original and beautiful, it's environmentally friendly as well,” Lauren says. “It's reasonably priced and serves as an excellent conversation starter -- everyone who sees it wants to know more!”

We couldn’t agree more.

— Ann
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