Cupcake Flower Vases

The Perfect Centerpiece

Centerpieces at a formal event such as a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or any other celebration are the icing on the cake. However, to get the ideal vase that keeps every flower in place and beautiful all event long can be expensive. Cupcake Vases provide an affordable do-it-yourself solution to all floral centerpieces with placement holes to make decorating centerpieces quick and easy.

Fleur Daily Cupcake Vases are a quick and easy way to decorate vases. They have eleven placement holes at three different
elevations automatically creating a rounded posy or centerpiece. These spill resistant, non-breakable centerpieces are made of plush safe material that helps keep flowers fresh longer. Cupcake Vases are durable, reusable and recyclable so that they can be used and carried to numerous events. With a simple squeeze top, the cupcakes are easy to clean and refill for the freshest flowers.

Fleur Daily Cupcakes are a sweet DIY solution for creating beautiful floral arrangements, allowing you to be the florist who creates something beautiful.
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