Flickerz Glow-in-the-Dark 3 Pack

By Jungo Toys

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Perfect your finger-flicking skills and work on your shots with these Made in the USA Flickerz. This set of 3 Flickerz is glow-in-the-dark for fun anytime, anywhere. Flick the mini flying discs over obstacles, shoot for a distance record, or use with the Trick Shot Net or Target Net Set (sold separately).

  • Made in the USA: Los Angeles, CA
  • Materials: 100% plastic
  • Contains: 3 Flickerz discs
  • Discs glow in the dark
  • Compete for best distance, accuracy, and/or best skills
  • Flickerz can fly over 70 feet
  • Recommended for ages 8+
  • Compatible with the Flickerz Trick Shot Net and Target Net Set
  • Dimensions: Each Flickerz: 1.6" D x 0.4" H
  • Weight: 0.007 lb.
Can you flick to make this disc fly?

About Jungo Toys

Fly Anywhere

Kids of all ages—even dorm and cubicle dwellers—can get hooked playing Flickerz. Flick the mini flying discs into the net to score points, or practice trick shots to increase distance and accuracy.

Place the disc between your thumb and middle finger, and make like you’re snapping your fingers. Once you’ve mastered the flick, you can work on target practice or create your own games.

For Founders Mike and Tom, inspiration first struck many years ago. Most of us, as kids, were told not to play ball in the house. But Mike and Tom were banned from playing Frisbee™. Since then, they’ve been working on a mini flying disc game that’s safe to play indoors, and can easily move outside, too.

Whether you want to get competitive with some friends, or “attack” your office mates, give it a spin—or rather, a flick.