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Just Add Noodles is a new approach to pool floats. Four inflatable noodles slide easily inside the fabric headrest and footrest. Adjust the straps into your choice of a chair, recliner or raft—each position keeps you partially submerged in cool water. Plus your skin stays in contact with comfy fabric (instead of plastic). Just Add Noodles uses your body’s natural buoyancy to keep you afloat, too. It’s a way to have a personalized, perfectly weightless time lounging.

  • Materials: Solution-dyed, UV-resistant, and mold-resistant fabric, nylon webbing, inflatable air noodles in a mesh bag
  • Care: Spot clean with brush, allow to air dry
  • Relaxing, positionable, and portable pool float that you can take with you anywhere
  • Travel friendly—lightweight and packs up compactly. Perfect to take with you camping, on a boat, or to any pool or beach
  • Your body is partially submerged in water, so you feel weightless and not too hot in the sun
  • Utilizes the natural buoyancy of the body to float—you float in the water, not on the water
  • Sliding adjustable straps have convenient marking so you can easily remember where to adjust it for your size
  • No weight limits - it adjusts to your body. Length adjusts up to 6'6" fully extended
  • You can rest in multiple positions: lie-down with support under your feet or knees, float in a water chair, or you can float on your chest to sun your shoulders. You can link chair floats together
  • Has a fabric head and foot pillow, two adjustable straps and four inflatable air noodles
  • Recommended for ages 15+
  • Made in India
  • Dimensions: Head: 27” x 9.5” x 3”; Foot: 27” x 3”
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.

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Love this!


I just ordered a second one of this and I really love this floatie! Compact and works well so we take it everywhere we go on a beach/lake vacation. I />
I even received extra noodles with my order. Thanks!
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Pool float with noodles


I like the adjustable pool float. It's different from the other floats & easy to use & store.


not what I was looking for...


I was actually going online to figure out how to return both of them when this email came up ....I did not realize that I had to cut the noodles the noodles to make them work...what I had wanted was something I could take to our community pool or a hotel pool on our vacation and use their noodles and not have to carry them around and deal with them after I had used them. SO returning them....if you have your own pool they would be great but I must have missed that they had
to be cut to work....once I got them and read the paperwork
I knew they weren't what I was looking for...I was looking forward to using them in Maui but not have to haul the noodles in luggage...but looked like fun!
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Great product


Comfortable and easy to use without taking up all the room of a full-size lounge.


Love it, just ordered another


Love just add noodles. I just ordered another

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Just Add Noodles - Adjustable Pool Float

About Just Add Noodles

Just Add You

For something that’s supposed to be relaxing, most pool floats aren’t. You’re stuck in one position, splashing water on the float to cool it off, trying not to stick to the cheap plastic . . . not exactly peaceful.

Cheryl and Chris Sosnowski were tired of their cheap pool float. They wanted to be IN the water, not on it. So, they invented a whole new solution: Just Add Noodles. Put the four inflatable noodles inside the fabric cases and they become a headrest and footrest. Adjust the connecting straps until it’s the perfect position for you—seated, partially reclining, or totally lying down.

Just Add Noodles uses your body’s natural buoyancy to stay afloat, keeping you partially submerged in the water—precisely what you want on a hot day. And your skin is only in contact with the fabric, not the plastic. You may never want to get out of the pool.

But, since you have to at some point, Just Add Noodles packs up easily and neatly into a drawstring bag. It’s light and even fits in carry-on luggage, for your next hotel pool visit. And it’s built to last, made with UV- and mold-resistant fabric.

Just Add Noodles . . . then just add you.