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Kevel makes problem solvers for your pants that expand the waist as needed, stop pesky zippers from falling down, and secure your zipper allowing your favorite pants to be more flexible with size.

  • Materials: Elastic band and rubber tab
  • Care: Machine washable. Once attached to the zipper handle, leave the Kevel on. When you take pants out of the dryer allow the Kevel to cool before wearing
  • Includes 4 Kevels: 2 black Kevels and 2 white Kevels
  • One size fits most
  • Put it on, leave it on
  • Durable, washable, and easy to use
  • Insert string through zipper handle hole. Fold Kevel tag in half and loop it through the string. Anchor the Kevel tag to the button
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 1.88" x 0.63"
  • Weight: 0.03 lb.

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I've purchased these in the past. Now I was due for more! So I ordered 2 more packs. The work perfectly.


Exactly What I Needed!


Have any pants with stubbornly faulty zippers, friends muttering "XYZ,"* to you throughout the day? So did I, with one pair of Capri slacks I would wear to work.
Incoming, Fly Ties! I no longer have to worry about my zipper falling and flashing me to the world--the only con is that it takes one extra step to take the pants off for the bathroom.
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WONDERFUL!! No more buying new jeans when my weight is fluctuating.




Saved my pair of pants. Works like a champ. Just wished I'd of found out about it sooner. Thx:)


Useful little item


I use the Fly Ties to avoid ruining my knit shirts. I often forget to pull the shirts up before zipping or unzipping my jeans, so the metal zippers make holes in the lower part of my shirts. The Fly Ties make it impossible to get the zipper down without thinking about it, so I remember to be cautious and thereby preserve my knit shirts. These little devices are much less expensive than a new wardrobe.More > < Less

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About Kevel Fly Ties

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Zipper falling down? Waist too tight? But you love those pants and can’t bear to give up on them…We’ve all been there. That’s why Rachel Kearl invented Kevel, a trio of problem solvers to keep pesky zippers securely in place and expand your pants to accommodate everything from bloating and weight fluctuations to pregnancy.

With Kevel Fly Ties, you’ll never have to blush with embarrassment as a kind friend (or gasp! acquaintance) whispers those four dreaded words “your fly is down." Kevel Perfect Fit provides that extra bit of give your waistline needs when you’ve put on a few pounds or after a particularly indulgent meal. And then there’s the Kevel Mommy—a variation of the Perfect Fit that expands up to 3 sizes for early pregnancy and just after the baby is born.

The next time the zipper on your favorite pair of jeans starts to fail or you put on a few pounds, there’s no need to go shopping. Kevel is an easy, affordable way to extend the life of your pants and avoid wardrobe malfunctions.