Intermediate Wooden Model Building Kit


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UGEARS intermediate model kits make building a fun and engaging hands-on experience. These kits are geared towards older kids and adults looking for a more complex project. Each model is pieced together from flat, unfinished, laser-cut plywood parts that don’t need tools or glue to be assembled. The finished product has parts that move, too, to put these models in motion.

  • Materials: Laser-cut plywood
  • Includes: Pieces of the model, assembly instructions. Does not include sandpaper
  • Unfinished wood can be stained or painted
  • Assembly time ranges: Motorcycle: 3-4 hours; Grand Prix Car: 7-8 hours; Locomotive: 10-12 hours
  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • Made in Ukraine
  • Dimensions: Flat kit: 14.6" x 5.7" x 1.2"; Assembled Motorcycle: 10.1" x 3.3" x 4.1"; Assembled Car: 13.8" x 3.7" x 5.1"; Assembled Locomotive: 12" x 3.9" x 4.9"
  • Weight: Motorcycle: 1.04 lbs; Car: 2.4 lbs; Locomotive: 2.93 lbs
    Model details:
  • Motorcycle: This model is driven by a powerful rubber band motor that makes the motorcycle ride for as much as 10 feet in one winding. Energy produced by the motor is transmitted by a belt drive to the mechanism. The design of the bike allows you to observe the work of the mechanism, including the moving pistons that look absolutely fascinating. The wide back wheel ensures that the model is steady and won’t tip over and turning handlebars send your bike in whatever direction you choose, making your ride even more exciting
    Number of parts: 189. 3-4 hour assembly time
  • Grand Prix Car: As the name implies, this model was built to simulate the all-action effect of a formula one Grand Prix car. The model gives you the thrill that comes with speed, the sensation of power with the roar of super engines, and the fast-paced, non-stop action of the Grand Prix circuit
    Number of parts: 348. 7-8 hour assembly time
  • Locomotive: Built to operate in the same way that the mechanical steam engine operates, this model shows the process of how the valve and piston transfer power to the locomotive engine by the use of a rubber band and gear system
    Number of parts: 443. 10-12 hour assembly time

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Beautifully made!

8/2/2019 by Jane

Gave this to my engineer husband. He is so impressed with it. Beautifully made, fun to work with, well worth the money (to me). So glad I bought and good luck to the designers.More > < Less



7/30/2019 by Nancy

My husband when I gave him the train. He is excited about putting it together.


Truly amazing kit

6/29/2019 by Arthur

Surprising how well everything fits and a really nice set of drawings. Look forward to more kits.


Model Train!

6/27/2019 by Elizabeth

This is a gift which hasn't yet been given; but it looks great! I'm sure it will be happily received. Nice packaging, too!


Bought as gift.

6/26/2019 by Jane

Bought car for high school graduation gift. When opened, looked impressive. By time we left party, the grad had started working on it. He seemed to like it vey well.More > < Less

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Gears That Go

UGEARS founders Denys and Gennady share a fascination with the inner workings of machines and both are enamored with gears and levers. They realized we rarely get to see these parts in action anymore. To remedy that, they created model kits with movable parts that are engaging from start to finish.

The duo and their Kiev, Ukraine-based team want to encourage folks to be more hands-on, so they strive to make the model-building process as fun as playing with the finished product.

What begins as flat pieces of laser-cut plywood transforms into a model motorcycle, train, treasure box and more designs that all have parts that move in some way—like pistons, wheels, and, yes, gears. There are no tools or glue needed here and there are models suited to different ability levels. You can paint or finish your model once it's built.

Denys made models as a child and wanted to recapture the joy of creating with your hands—which he thought, much like with gears, was something many of us have fallen out of touch with. And we can attest, it’s hard to keep your hands off a UGEARS model.