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By Snap'n Strain


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Clip this attachable strainer securely onto pots and pans to drain out liquid seamlessly. Its heat-resistant silicone conforms to the size of the container and snaps on securely, so you can tilt and pour with ease. The built-in spout gives you control of where you pour that pasta water, grease, or whatever needs draining. Plus, its compact design easily stores in a kitchen drawer.

  • Materials: Clip: Stainless steel 304; Strainer: heat-resistant, BPA-free silicone
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Eliminates the need to transfer food out of the pot when straining out liquid
  • Flexible enough to fit all round pot, pan, or bowl rims 1/4 inch thick and smaller
  • Small, compact design takes up minimal storage and dishwasher space
  • Two rust-proof clips ensure a strong grip on the pot or pan
  • Large spout makes it easy to drain out liquid
  • Recommended uses: Vegetables, potatoes, pasta, grains
  • Note: Clip onto pot just before draining; do not clip onto pot for extended periods of time before starting to cook
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 9.06" x 3.74" x 2.36"
  • Weight: 0.37 lb.

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Great Idea!


Bought this on a whim. I have multiple sizes/types of old strainers. I may have held this incorrectly yet only very little slipped out when I turned the pot. I would make it a bit larger so all the liquid drains.

That being said, I like it. It attaches quickly, handles don't get hot, and you don't need to stand over it for steam facial. Also, VERY little of small noodles got stuck and rinsed of instantly. Frankly that alone is worth it!

If a larger size is available I'd buy that too. Go for it!
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Snap&strain is great


I really like the snap and strain,it works great,just like its suppose to.It saves me from getting out my collander.


Works amazing!


I bought one of these for every one last year for Christmas including myself and we use it all of the time!! It’s great for grease, noodles, washing vegetables and it truly fits any pan!More > < Less




Great product!! Bought more for family at the holidays.




Use this all the time! Really comes in handy.

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A smaller colander that works better than a big one.

About Snap'n Strain

Strain in the Pan

Clip this attachable strainer directly onto any pot or pan and seamlessly transfer out any liquid.

Instead of juggling a separate colander, Snap’n Strain clasps on extra securely—so you can tilt confidently.

Made from durable BPA-free silicone and rust-proof steel, Snap’n Strain resists the high temperatures of hot liquids and dishwashers alike. The soft silicone conforms to different sized pots and its built-in spout gives you control as your pour.

And when you need to store it, this clip-on colander has a far lower profile than traditional ones. Keep it handy in a cupboard or drawer.