Magnetic Jewelry

Artful Magnetism

There’s no end to the designs you can create with this magnetic jewelry kit. These are not just any magnets, but super strong neodymium magnets . You can literally hear their strength when two of them get near each other and then snap together with a resounding “click!”
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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Kellar

    Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my jewelry lines KLIK KLIK and METL jewelry! I am so excited to be featured as todays daily grommet and hope to spread the fun of making magnetic jewelry to all of you. This is such an amazing product, I love how everyone can make their own designer looking jewelry, except they're the designer! It's a great way to customize any look, or even turn a work day necklace into a sassy bracelet for afterwork cocktails. I am so proud of my designs when I wear them out and get a compliment, and I especially love hearing that that happens to other people too.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    11/8/2010 2:16 PM

    The possibilities are endless, how very fun! Here are some examples for inspiration:

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    11/8/2010 2:54 PM

    I was watching Wendy play with the Klik Klik at her desk, and wondering how she managed to also get so much work done. These sets are addictive.

  • Wendy
    Wendy – Grommet Team
    11/8/2010 5:20 PM

    @Jules: I think that was a subtle hint for me to get back to work! I have to say, the Discovery Team has the best job. Where else is it part of your job to create jewelry and test out toys, fashion items, food, etc? Pretty nice.

    Kellar -- we all enjoyed your jewelry kits. I prefer the shine of the sterling silver set and think that this is an excellent value. You can make countless designs and update them as your style evolves. I think of what I have spent on sterling silver jewelry over the years and how I get tired of some of the pieces. You won't get tired of METL or Klik Klik.

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    11/8/2010 6:50 PM

    @Wendy Chandor: As they say in Dublin. Not 'tall.

  • Kellar
    Kellar – Special Guest
    11/8/2010 5:51 PM

    Thank you Wendy! I am very glad you have all enjoyed designing and playing with KLIK KLIK and METL jewelry. I can't wait to see what new designs people come up with next!

  • VIctor K
    VIctor K
    11/8/2010 7:30 PM

    Hi Kellar,

    Congratulations on a fantastic concept/design!!!

    I wanted to share my thoughts as soon as I got the Grommet at lunchtime but held back since I do not have much experience with ladies jewelry (except gift-giving) but as a designer myself, I could not hold back any longer as your line is "super cool"...plus, what a value!!! Hope you have plenty in stock as I can see a sell-out.

    I think your product offers a lady so many choices...to create whatever suits their mood at the time. No more "I'm bored with my jewelry".

    I gifted myself a $400+ Rado stainless steel/rubber (black) bracelet a few years ago and I love it. It is the only jewelry I wear except my watch. You may want to look into a men's line with just enough pieces to put together various bracelets.

    Again, congrats!

  • Kellar
    Kellar – Special Guest
    11/8/2010 9:25 PM

    HI Victor, thanks for the kind words. It is a fabulous gift, for ladies and gents alike. My boyfriend and magnetic-co-conspirator makes lots of man bracelets with the klik klik jewelry kit, as well as little sculptures and cityscapes. It's not just a great jewelry designing tool but a pretty fun little architecture kit too. They are totally addictive, which is why they're on his desk at work to distract him all day long. Thanks again!

  • liz
    11/8/2010 10:10 PM

    Looks really interesting, but I can't find the price.

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    11/8/2010 10:30 PM

    @liz: Can you see the prices when you click on the drop down menu below the Free Shipping words, to the right of the video? We were having a problem with the prices getting cut off, but we thought we fixed it.

  • kittykat1912
    11/9/2010 3:03 AM

    But .925 Sterling Silver is 'NOT' magnetic!

  • Kellar
    Kellar – Special Guest
    11/9/2010 12:23 PM

    Hi kittykat1912, you are absolutely correct. BUT, the material underneath the sterling silver: neodymium is! Neodymium is such an amazingly strong magnetic material that even when it's plated with a non magnetic metal like sterling silver, it still retains all of its magnetic power. You can even coat neodymium magnets in epoxy and plastic... and those are about as far away from being magnetic as anything.

  • Lisa
    11/9/2010 4:49 PM

    This is wonderfully intriguing!

    Have you had others comment with skin-sensitivity issues with the Nickel?

    I don't have enough for the Sterling Set, which is dreamy, but I'm concerned about the other.

    Also, is is possible that smaller sets of the Sterling be made available in the future?

    Thanks for bringing your artistry to Grommet!

    Much success in the future!

  • Kellar
    Kellar – Special Guest
    11/9/2010 6:14 PM

    @mamabear67: Thanks for your question! Yes, as with any nickel jewelry, klik klik jewelry may irritate your skin if you have a nickel allergy. I myself am allergic to nickel and have never had a problem though. As for the sterling, in the future there will be kits for individual designs available, with prices starting under $100, but not until January. So check back or try out the nickel! Thanks :)

  • Lisa
    12/3/2010 1:59 PM

    @Kellar Williams: THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my question! I check back from time to time on previously asked questions. I look forward to purchasing some of your amazing products!

    As an artist, myself, I wish you much success and prosperity, this Holiday season!

    Many Blessings, as well.

  • Katy B.
    Katy B.
    4/26/2011 9:16 PM

    Is there any issue with these being used by people with pace-makers or other metal sugical implants? I didn't notice a warning against it but thought I would check.

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    4/27/2011 9:53 AM

    @Katy B.: There is a details tab that can be found below a Grommet's video but above its story. For Klik Klik jewelry one of the details listed is that it should not be worn with pacemakers.

  • Rebecca
    10/6/2011 12:46 PM

    How durable are these created pieces? Will I have to worry about bumping my wrist on my desk and the bracelet breaking appart? I absolutely love the look and customization factor, but I'm worried it will pull apart throughout the day. Any experience with this?

  • Katherine
    Katherine – Grommet Team
    10/6/2011 1:12 PM

    @Rebecca: I have asked a tester to stop back with her experience. Thanks for stopping by today!

  • Wendy
    Wendy – Grommet Team
    10/6/2011 1:20 PM

    @Rebecca -- You would be surprised by how strong the magnets are. The pieces do stay together. In fact the magnets are so strong that you have to be concerned about running into another magnet. While wearing a bracelet you can attract objects on a table/desk!! If you like to play with designs, this would be ideal for you. And when you find a design you like, you can save it on a metal filing cabinet or if your fridge has a magnetic side! Wendy

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