Sport Eye Glass Holder



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Sport loop has hinges found on either side of the loop that work with gravity and swivel in every direction, moving with the wearer. Glasses stay securely in the loop, flat against you and at your finger tips.

  • Made in the USA
  • Durable stretch cord
  • Hinged (and patented) plastic loop
  • Dimensions: 25" necklace; 0.9" diameter loop
  • Weight: 0.1 lb.

135 Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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7/22/2015 by Linda

Although a bit pricey, it was well worth the money. Keeps my glasses"parked" in a safe place. I only need glasses for distance, so I am continually taking them on and off. Great invention. I have both the navy and red.More > < Less


Great concept!

7/15/2015 by anne

Great alternative to the strap-type holders that slip onto the earpieces. These are so much easier...just whip the glasses off and put them in this holder and whip them out again when you need them. No more fussing with those straps! Great idea. Wish the black and white ones were in stock when I ordered...had to settle for the navy, but very happy with them.More > < Less


Glasses hang comfortably, lie flat against the body and do not get in the way or come loose from the eye glass holder.

6/24/2015 by Tamara

I purchased La loop for my husband who is constantly losing track of his glasses. He absolutely loves it and hasn't had any trouble finding his glasses since he put it on. The glasses hang comfortably and move with his body. They lie flat and do not get in his way or come loose from the eye glass holder. Such a great gift for someone who wears glasses and has to switch two or more pairs throughout the day. Thank you Grommet!More > < Less



6/18/2015 by mary

Before LaLoop I spent countless minutes looking for my reading glasses! Now, I never have to look! Wonderful product!


Love La LOOP

6/16/2015 by Ellen

Love this item. Ordered the navy sport eye glass holder. I alternate between prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. I often wouldn't wear sunglasses even when I needed them because I couldn't stand fussing with taking them off and on and putting them in an eyeglass case. I haven't had La LOOP a long time, but already use it constantly when I'm driving and/or out and about.More > < Less

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La LOOP - Eyeglass Holder

About La LOOP

In The Loop

How often do you fish around in your purse for your eyeglasses, ransack your bedroom for your reading glasses, or retrace your steps to find misplaced sunglasses? If you've ever been tempted by old-school eyeglass chains but couldn't get past the dated style, this Grommet's for you.

La LOOP is a chic version of traditional eyeglass lanyards. The styles are fresh and modern, but that's just part of the appeal. Elizabeth Faraut puts as much energy into the engineering of her eyewear necklaces as she does the aesthetics. The loop that holds your glasses is supported by hinges which swivel 360 degrees. The patented hinged design keeps glasses lying flat, so they won’t twist or fall off even when you run, jump or dance.

We all try to choose eyewear that’s stylish and reflects our personalities. With La LOOP’s fashion-forward designs, you can safeguard your specs with a smart holder that’s equally expressive. Make a fashion statement with La LOOP—and put an end to the dreaded “where did I leave my glasses?” hunt.