• Pick 3 Flavors
  • Pick 3 Flavors
  • Mighty Gingers
  • Scourtins
  • Salted Rosemary Shortbread
  • Polenta Pennies
  • Whole Grain Lady Birds
  • Whole Grain Espresso Chip Shortbread
  • Coconut Butter Cookies
  • Cha-Chas
  • Burnt Sugar and Fennel Shortbread

Lark Fine Foods

Pick 3 Flavors

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Nine varieties including Spicy Cha Chas, Polenta Pennies, Salted Rosemary Shortbread and Mighty Gingers, Scourtins, Coconut Butter Cookies, Burnt Sugar and Fennel Shortbread, Whole Grain Espresso Chip Shortbread, and Whole Grain Lady Birds. Made with all natural ingredients. Pick 3 Flavors

  • Made with all natural ingredients, no artificial or genetically modified ingredients and no preservatives
  • Fresh Bakery product-should be enjoyed fresh, 4 week shelf life
  • Gift wrap available
  • Cha-Chas (Net wt. 7.5 oz , approx 12 cookies)-Spicy, rich chocolate cookies that make your taste buds dance
  • Coconut Butter Cookies (Net wt. 7.5 oz, approx 16 cookies) Rich, buttery cookies loaded with toasted coconut and a hint of rum
  • Mighty Gingers (Net wt. 8.5 oz, approx 10 cookies) Chewy, intensely flavorful cookies packed to the max with ginger
  • Polenta Pennies ( Net wt.6.5 oz, approx 24 cookies) Bite-sized polenta cookies laced with lemon and studded with golden raisins
  • Salted Rosemary Shortbread (Net wt. 7.5 oz, approx 10 cookies) Rosemary-seasoned shortbread lightly dusted with sea salt
  • Scourtins (Net wt. 6 oz, approx 24) Traditional French-style sweet and savory olive wafers
  • Whole Grain Espresso Chip Shortbread (Net wt. 6.7 oz, approx 12 cookies) 100% Whole Wheat Shortbread with Espresso and Chocolate Chips
  • Whole Grain Ladybirds (Net wt. 7.5 0z, approx 15 cookies) Crisp 100% Whole Wheat Oat Cookies with Cranberries and Bittersweet Chocolate
  • Burnt Sugar and Fennel Shortbread (Net wt. 6.7 oz, approx 12 cookies) Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice

37 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)



by for Pick 3 Flavors

Appropriate to describe these cookies as "adult cookies ". They are not too sweet, and are made with pure ingredients. You can taste the butter. I find they go perfect with plain yogurt for breakfast.


Cookies With An Attitude

by for Pick 3 Flavors

The Cha-Chas and Burnt Sugar and Fennel Cookies were "to die for." The Scourtins, however, were really terrible! I would recommend the Cha-Chas and Burnt Sugar and Fennel Cookies, but wouldn't hit a dog in the butt with the Scourtins! I'll be trying the other flavors as long as the combinations aren't too way out!



by for Pick 3 Flavors

I ordered three different bags and all were good in their own way. I am particular and I loved the Cha Chas!!! Thank you for the experience!


Not so good

by for Pick 3 Flavors

I tried three flavor a and sadly found that I didn't enjoy any of them. The flavor combinations just didn't work for me. I am convinced that fennel and rosemary probably don't belong in a cookie. Sorry, but I was disappointed in the flavor of these cookies. However, the texture and consistency were good. The third flavor I tried was the Coconut Butter Cookie and while it was a better flavor than the other two, it wasn't delicious. These cookies missed the mark.



by for Pick 3 Flavors

The cookies were good.

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Lark Fine Foods - Cookies for Grown Ups

About Lark Fine Foods

Deliciously Different Cookies

You might think you know cookies. Sure, you know your mom’s homemade cookies, local bakery treats and the store-bought brands your kids like best. These cookies however, from Lark Fine Foods are different. They’re not for stashing in lunchboxes or serving on plastic plates with a side of apple juice. They’re for grown-ups with a craving for sophisticated treats.

Mary Ann McCormick (right) and Nicole Nordensved started this gourmet cookie business after a guest raved about their chocolate refrigerator cookie, called the Cha-Cha, that’s infused with a surprise chili pepper spice. Now the
mother-daughter duo makes a whole line of cookies, some spicy, some savory, all geared for the grown-up palate.

Mary Ann sent us some samples after she saw Daily Grommet on the New England news show Chronicle. Now we’re hooked. Lark has a flair for combining unusual ingredients to create treats that are both sweet and savory, like rosemary-seasoned shortbread dusted with sea salt, or the Polenta Pennies laced with lemon and raisins. You can choose a sampler pack with three or six varieties, then prepare to indulge. You’ll find Lark’s treats are never too sweet, and they pair just as nicely with tea, milk or a glass of wine. Your taste buds will thank you.

— Ann
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