Cube Self-Watering Planter


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This self-watering indoor planter makes it super easy to enjoy plants in your home or office—and keep them thriving—with very little effort on your part. Drop a store-bought plant (still in its plastic pot) into the modern-looking planter and fill the water reservoir. That’s it—your greenery is good to grow for up to 12 weeks. How easy is that?

  • Materials: Polypropylene
  • Care: Wash with soft cloth & warm water
  • Instructions: Insert the reusable wick into the bottom of the grow pot. Place grow pot into the planter and insert water-level indicator in the planter. Fill the water reservoir up to the maximum level
  • No repotting necessary, fits one grow pot up to 5.75” in diameter
  • Water reservoir and wick will supply plant with water for up to 12 weeks
  • Time between watering depends on the size and type of plant, it's environment, and the amount of sun and humidity where the planter sits
  • Easily monitor the water reservoir level with the water-level indicator
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble
  • 24 fl oz reservoir capacity
  • For indoor use
  • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 6.5" x 7.75"
  • Weight: 1 lb

4 Reviews (3.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Cube self watering planter

7/27/2018 by Cheryl

I travel and this helps me not to worry about my plants, I make sure it’s filled and off I go, when I come home the plants are still healthy.


Not good for plants that require a lot of water

6/26/2019 by WomanInDepth

I planted Spearmint in this planter. It requires a lot of water. The wick doesn’t deliver enough water. Yes, it’s in the correct place to get the water, and the water is @ full. Another similar planter is great for Rosemary, that doesn’t require a lot of water. That wick delivers the exact amount.More > < Less


Works great

10/28/2018 by Veronica

Easy to put together, my plant is happy. Easy to use. However, it was very difficult to find a pot that would fit inside. "5 - 6 inches" doesn't really work. I had to take it to a nursery to try out different sizes. Hope you don't have this problem. Expensive but works well.More > < Less


a bit pricy

7/25/2018 by Donna

for what it does, it is frustrating to put together bt does the job,

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Easy Greenery

LECHUZA self-watering indoor planters make it easy as it can be for plants to flourish in your space—with close to no effort on your part.

Each planter has a built-in wicking system that will water plants for months. Fill up the reservoir and a plant is good to go for up to 12 weeks. An indicator lets you know when it’s (finally!) time for a refill.

Besides the ultra-low maintenance watering routine these planters provide, they also eliminate any repotting. Just place a store-bought plant in as-is.

With the guesswork taken out of the equation, plants will thrive even if you don’t have a green thumb—or if you’re often away from home.

LECHUZA planters are made in Germany by the Brandstatter Group. Their clean design aesthetic and work with injection molded plastics result in a modern finish that works in just about any space as it brings some green inside.