Lille Huset

Cardboard Dollhouses

Home sweet home

For kids who enjoy arts & crafts and imaginative games like playing house, Lille Huset is a dream home in the making. These DIY dollhouses provide children with everything they need to create and recreate rooms of their own design over and over again.

Lille Huset is the creative inspiration of Alyson Beaton, a trained architect,
a professor of design, and a mom with a background in letterpress printing. Initially, Alyson set out to create a make-it-yourself house that her daughter could build and decorate in the likeness of their Logan Square, Chicago neighborhood. The idea soon took on a life of its own and a new business was born.

Made in the USA of recycled cardboard and available in 3 styles, each Lille Huset piece can be mixed and matched in multiple unique ways. The houses are simple to collapse and store for a rainy day, yet aesthetically-pleasing and entertaining enough to leave on display for everyday fun and creativity.
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Lille Huset - Cardboard Dollhouses
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