Be Forever Furless Brush

By Lilly Brush

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Designed with specially engineered nylon bristles and an ergonomic handle, this brush picks up household lint and pet hair with just a few quick sweeps.

  • Materials: Plastic with nylon bristles
  • Care: Clean with light soap and water
  • Use on upholstery, clothing, bedding, carpets, car interiors, and everywhere you find fur
  • Works on all fibers—natural and synthetic
  • No batteries or refills required
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 10" x 3.5" x 1.5"
  • Weight: 0.5 lb.

476 Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love this! It works super well!


Fur Remover


Great! I use it all the time to get rid of cat hair on my furniture.


love it


This does work, I live with 5 shepherds and dog hair is a real problem in my home . love the product




Great for pet lovers to get hair off furniture.


Does a good job.


Once I figured out to brush back and forth instead of in one direction I was surprised how well it worked. White cat, navy blue chair, it looks great.More > < Less

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Lilly Brush - Pet Hair & Lint Brush

About Lilly Brush

Swept Away

We love our furry friends, even if their coats incessantly shed all over the place. When you're covered, just brush lint off with the Be Forever Furless tool.

Designed by Lilly Brush, the Forever Furless’ densely packed nylon bristles trap particulates, while the ergomically designed handle makes it easy to swipe in any direction. It also captures human hair, household lint, and even sweater pills, too. With no annoying rolls of sticky tape to peel, this reusable brush cleans easily with just a rinse at the sink and will work for years to come.

Use it on apparel, upholstery, carpets, bedding, car seats, or any surface where Fido has left reminders. Featured in a New York Times' story on “well-equipped pets," this picker-upper will quickly sweep away unwanted pet hair with the flick of the wrist.