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LOFTi + DUO Drying Rack

By New Clothesline Company

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A perfect pair. LOFTi is a clothes-drying rack that suspends from the ceiling by an easy-to-use pulley system. DUO can hang virtually anywhere and can even break down into separate components that can attach onto the ends of LOFTi.

  • Materials: Anodized aluminum tubes, ABS plastic end pieces
  • LOFTi holds the equivalent of 22 linear feet of traditional clotheslines
  • Can be easily raised and lowered from its advanced pulley system
  • LOFTi is designed to hold an entire load of laundry
  • DUO features 16 durable stainless steel hanging clips
  • DUO can be clipped anywhere along LOFTi's center tube
  • DUO can hang from the bottom hole located on either of LOFTi's mounting clamps
  • The two halves of the DUO can be separated from the center hub and attached to either end of the LOFTi
  • Reduces power bills
  • Extends the life of textiles
  • Rust-resistant
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use in all climates
  • Includes installation components
  • Can be installed on any ceiling. There is no minimum ceiling height
  • Required installation tools: Stud finder, electric drill, and screwdriver
  • The LOFTi is 61" in length, but can be shortened to 44" in length by assembling the LOFTi with 2 sets of aluminum tubes across lengthwise vs. 3 sets across lengthwise
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: LOFTi: 61" x 14.5" x 4"; DUO: 16.8" x 16.69"
  • Weight: LOFTi: 4.6 lbs.; DUO: 1.2 lbs.

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Very sturdy rack. Does the job and stays out of the way, even with clothes on it!


I bought this several years ago and it is amazing. It is perfect for sweaters and fine washables. We have used it for towels, jeans, as well as other laundry. It is so much more sturdy than any of the wooden stand up clothes racks. We have put this in our very large closet and it stays out of the way, even with clothes on it. Laundry dries nicely with fresh air coming from the window. It is used year round.

When our dryer stopped working and we were waiting for parts to arrive we were able to continue to wash clothes and dry them on this rack. Shirts were on hangers and spaced out on the rack. The Duo was very helpful to pin socks and smaller items.

This is one of the best purchases I have ever made!
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Pleasantly Surprised


At first I was taken aback when I discovered no clothes pins where required. Wasn’t sure how things would stay on, but after a few washes I discovered this would not be a problem. Love the additional space I now have in my laundry room.More > < Less


I love this product.


We live in the Southwest desert. We don't have any grass, the wind/breeze is full of dust. Thus, outdoor drying is not a good option.


Wonderful idea - Practical


Love this product. I used it constantly and love the way it keeps everything out of the way. I have it hanging in my garage and it is never in the way.More > < Less




Terrific. I didn’t like my wife drying clothes on a rack in the bedroom. Great idea to use the space above our washer and dryer and not have to haul wet clothes somewhere else. Work beautifully.More > < Less

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The New Clothesline Company - Lofti & Duo

About New Clothesline Company

Hang to dry

Using an electric or gas dryer may be easy. But it can be hard on your clothes and the environment. That’s why the founders of The New Clothesline Company, husband and wife team, Carol and James Bildahl, decided to reinvent the clothesline, making it simpler than ever to let your clothes air dry.

LOFTi is a clothes-drying rack that suspends from the ceiling by an easy-to-use pulley system. Move over flimsy, collapsible racks—LOFTI is designed to support the weight of an entire wet load of laundry. Simply load it up, lift it up, and let your clothes hang to dry. For individual items like socks, bras and underwear, there’s DUO. Attach it to LOFTI or use it on its own. It can be reconfigured into two separate components.

Inspired by the laundry drying habits they witnessed during a trip to Ireland, Carol and James have created a timeless and modern version of Carol's grandmother’s drying rack. LOFTI comes with a step-by-step installation video and everything you need to let your laundry all hang out.