Aquabot Sprayer & Bottle - 32 oz.

By Lunatec Gear


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Aquabot is like having portable running water in your pocket. It has shower, stream and mist spray patterns. It sprays water up to 25-feet and is BPA-free. Aquabot is perfect for keeping cool and hydrated at sporting events, beach cleanup, tailgating, camping, hunting, water fights, gardening and so much more.

  • Materials: BPA-free plastic
  • Great for hydrating, cleaning off, cooling off, and having fun
  • Use the mist to keep you, kids, pets, plants, and BBQ grills cool
  • Use the shower for drinking and cleaning people and gear
  • Use the stream for water fights
  • 3 spray settings: Shower, stream, and mist
  • Simply use the pump handle to build pressure, twist the nozzle to select a spray pattern and press the trigger to spray
  • Variable flow control trigger lets you use just the right amount of water
  • Stealth and pulse modes give you more control over your water and pressure by mixing in or blocking compressed air
  • Can shoot a stream of water up to 25 feet
  • Works upside down or in any direction
  • Marked with measurements on the side for ounces and ml
  • Choking Hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Top: Made in China, Bottle: Made in the USA
  • Bottle holds 32 oz.
  • Dimensions: 9.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"
  • Weight: 0.68 lb.

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Handy when needed

9/13/2015 by Michael

Purchased as a gift for my daughter to use when my granddaughter get dirty at the park or needs to rinse her hands at a restaurant. Handy at all times!More > < Less


I use it every day

9/11/2015 by Connie

I have 2 now, 1 of each of the available sizes. I bought the smaller one first, and love it, but I decided to get the larger one for using when I'm working outside. I use the mister like crazy.. It works SOOOO good, and keeps me cooler when I'm getting hot cutting grass etc. I'm VERY happy with my Aquabots.. :) I can even use it to deter my cats from doing something they should not be doing. ha ha you should see them scatter when I spritz them.More > < Less


Water bottle

9/8/2015 by James

I am very happy with the water botle, along it will come in handy the next back packing trip I will go on, the portable shower feature is awesome!



9/3/2015 by CHRISTINA

I brought this to a kids party & they all had fun shooting the bug mess off the adults' vehicles. lol


Great Idea

9/1/2015 by Earl

Easy to use and quality product!!
I drink more water with this product!!

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Lunatec Gear - Aquabot Sprayer Bottle Top

About Lunatec Gear

Mist, Jet, Shower

Aquabot turns an ordinary water bottle into a spray water bottle with a hose, mister, and shower all in one. It’s ideal for camping or hiking, and great to have around the house or just about anywhere else, too.

Aquabot provides three types of spray—mist, jet, and shower. Each setting has a bunch of uses, both practical and fun. Use the mist to cool off at the beach or during a workout. The shower setting can be used for just about anything, like washing sticky hands (on grown-ups, kids, and pets) or drinking right from the nozzle. The powerful, 25-foot jet will crush the competition during a water fight, and get gunk off cars, boats, or whatever else could use a hosing off.

Aquabot is BPA-free and even works upside-down. It comes with its own bottle but fits most wide-mouthed water bottles including Nalgene(R) and CamelBak(R) brands as well.

Stay hydrated, cool, and clean (and secure your place as Water Fight Champion) with Aquabot.