Menstrual Cup

By Lunette


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Please note: For sanitary and hygienic reasons, this item cannot be returned unless it arrives damaged or broken.

Comfortable, effective, healthy and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional feminine products. Model 1 for light to moderate flow and Model 2 for normal to heavy flow. See Model Selection Chart below for further guidance.

  • Materials: 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Care: Rinse carefully with soap and water (or Lunette wash)
  • Hypoallergenic and latex-free
  • Cost-effective—with proper care can last for several years
  • Doesn't change the natural moisture level of the vagina
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be worn continuously for up to 12 hours, including overnight
  • If you have had gynecological problems, discuss using Lunette with your physician
  • Click here for a pdf with tips and insertion information.
  • Made in Finland
  • Capacity: 0.85 fl. oz.
  • Dimensions: 1.6" x 1.9"; 1" stem
  • Weight: 0.02 lb.
  • Model Selection Chart

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Changed my world.

6/5/2015 by Nicolette

I bought this because I was looking for a more environmentally friendly solution. Lunette takes great care and pride in the product they produce. It took me about a week to really get the technique as I experimented with different folds. Totally worth it and I will never have to go down "that isle" in the store again. I will continue to encourage other women to try this.More > < Less


I love this product!

5/17/2015 by Tammy McGuire

I don't like using tampons because they dry me out and hurt pulling them out! I also don't like pads because they don't always keep you dry and they leak through the sides and top if you don't position them right. So I decided to try the cup. I was surprised at how I couldn't even feel it after it was inserted! It was kind of unusual trying to insert it but you learn quite quickly after a few times. I bought the large one and it is perfect! I thought it was going to be messy but it wasn't. I just pulled it and then pinched it at the base to loosen the seal, then finished pulling it out the rest of the way. It kept all of the fluid in the cup. I then poured it into the toilet, rinsed it, & re-inserted it. It doesn't leak at all! I really do love this product!More > < Less



5/8/2015 by Jessica

I absolutely love these! OK, since I'm overweight, I had to devise a different way to insert the cup, but otherwise, I LOVE these! I love the fact that I can continue my exercise routine, which includes swimming, without worrying about anyone knowing that I am having my period. I found them very comfortable after I cut the stem to my comfort length, which was the shortest, and then it's insert it and forget it!More > < Less



2/17/2015 by AnnieOxidant

I think I'm in love! I have used my Model 2 for the last 3 days and it's great. It took a few tries to get it in for the first day. After Dayer Day 2 I realized that the stem was a little too long so I snipped a few millimeters off and now I don't even notice it! No more nasty, chemical-ridden cotton "up there" anymore!More > < Less


Worth It!

1/7/2015 by Renee

This product is a choice. I'm going to be candid. It is kinda gross to use, but so are tampons. It requires a tiny bit more effort than average tampon, but very much like the ob tampons, meaning you must insert your fingers into the vagina to correctly place the cup. My suggestions is to use your thumb, index and middle fingers, placing them in the middle of the cup and inserting this way. The cup will naturally settle over the cervix.
I have had 3 natural births so use the larger cup. On heavy flow days at work I empty the cup into the toilet, clean it out with tp, then reinsert. Because it is a public bathroom I cannot clean it out for obvious reasons, but once I clean with tp it is fine and I haven't had any problems. Once I get home I give it a good clean, paying particular attention to the 4 small holes (likely created in the molding/casting process) using soap and warm water.
I know this may be more information than anyone needs, but hey it could help. I recommend it.
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Lunette Menstrual Cup

About Lunette

Progressive Feminine Care

Let’s start with the obvious question: What is this thing? Lunette is a menstrual cup, a reusable alternative to tampons and pads that collects the menstrual flow rather than absorbs it. The cup can be worn continuously for up to 12 hours, including overnight, before emptying it.

There’s a learning curve, for sure. But there’s also a payoff. Lunette is comfortable, convenient and lets you do everything you normally do – go to work, take a swim, work out at the gym – without relying on a bulky pad or tampons (often made with cotton that’s grown with pesticides and bleached with chlorine). In the big picture, using a menstrual cup is better for the environment since it reduces the number of disposable feminine care products that wind up in landfills. It also saves money, since a Lunette cup can last for several years with proper care.

Heli Kurjanen is the founder of Lunette, a Finnish company. Heli liked using menstrual cups (which have been around since the 1930s), but she wanted to create one that’s more comfortable and easier to use than earlier models. Lunette’s cup is soft and flexible, made of medical-grade silicone that’s latex-free.

Liz is a believer. “I had to try this product out of necessity. I was in the Peace Corps preparing to leave for Africa, where I would have no access to traditional feminine products. I came back converted,” Liz says. “It is such a better solution and I encourage women to try it.”