Makeup Brush Cleaner

By Luxe

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This makeup brush cleaner spins your brush clean, then it spins it dry. It’s got three levels of agitation and uses just water and soap to get your brushes cleaner with little effort.

  • Materials: Plastic spinner, glass spinner bowl, plastic charging stand, rubber brush collars
  • Care: Clean bowl and plastic guard ring thoroughly by hand
  • Instructions: Fill glass bowl with water and antibacterial soap or makeup cleaning solution. Attach rubber collar to brush and insert into the brush spinner. Dip makeup brush into mixture and work it around for 10 seconds. Turn on the spinner to the desired level of agitation and spin in solution. Lift brush out of the solution and allow it to spin for a few more seconds. Brush will come out clean and dry
  • Includes brush spinner, charging station, eight assorted rubber handle collars, glass bowl, bowl splash guard ring, 150 ml bottle of the luxe makeup cleaning solution, and user manual
  • Cleans and dries makeup brushes in seconds
  • Three levels of agitation to remove varying degrees of cosmetic buildup
  • Eight rubber collars fits most brush handle sizes
  • Rechargeable base
  • Power button indicates when fully charged
  • 2 year warranty
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 5" x 5" x 10"
  • Weight: 1 lb.

5 Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great gift


Bought for my granddaughters as gifts. They love their grommets. Easy and fun to use.


Perfect gift


my grandaughter loves her gift. easy to use and does a great job cleaning her brushes!


Love It!


Bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she loves it!! Well made and worth every penny!


Check your carry-ons!


Bought this for my news reporter daughter who is excited to try this for her multitude of makeup brushes. Unfortunately the airport screeners wouldn't let her take the cleaning solution in her carry-on in the unopened box. Hoping I can find and sent her some more.More > < Less


Requires some guess work


I received this product as a gift and I was excited to use it. As a professional makeup artist, I have sets of brushes that must be cleaned after every gig. I tried using this product twice because the proportions of cleansing liquid to water were never quite right. Some of brushes came out clean and dry, while others felt like they needed a proper scrub and extra rinse. I'd recommend this for someone who uses not a lot of makeup with their brushes and also uses water soluble makeupMore > < Less

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A hypnotic way to clean a makeup brush.

About Luxe

Spin Clean

This makeup brush cleaner is like a car wash for your brushes. Using just water and soap, Luxe has three levels of agitation to clean and dry with almost no effort from you.

Fill the glass bowl with water and antibacterial soap or makeup cleaning solution, then slip your makeup brush into the rubber collar on the spinner. There’s a corresponding collar for nearly every sized brush.

Choose the level of agitation you’d like (depending on how dirty your brush is) and let it spin to clean for around 10 seconds. Then, lift the brush out of the solution and allow it to spin for a few more seconds, which helps it dry.

It’s a hygienic solution and quite the spectacle to witness, too.