Smart Firewall

Cyber Security

Build a virtually-indestructible, super smart firewall around your home network. It’ll protect everything from tablets to laptops to your TV to smart devices (like doorbells, thermostats and more).

CUJO is a Made in the USA device that detects and prevents internet hacking, malware, and viruses, then notifies you about its
protective actions on an app. It uses threat intelligence to spot suspicious activity, then continuously learns ways to improve its algorithms—even when hackers get smarter.

Engineer and dad Einaras Gravrock created a hyper-intelligent firewall to keep up with increasingly-connected homes. And because he had faced many internet concerns with his kids, he incorporated helpful controls for parents.

Moms and dads can block off certain websites, create access schedules for which hours kids can be online, and set overall time limits on their internet usage.

This firewall offers high-tech protection as well as peace of mind.
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Take that, hackers!

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Karolis

    Hello Grommet fans! I’m Karolis Dzeja, Senior Director of Marketing at CUJO. CUJO is a smart firewall which connects to your WiFi router and protects all of the devices on your network from hackers. I'm here to answer any questions you might have about CUJO or cybersecurity in general.

  • Bryan
    8/8/2017 10:03 AM

    Hi Karolis, Does the CUJO require a monthly or annual subscription to keep updated?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 10:15 AM

    @Bryan The $249 option doesn't require any additional monthly fees, it includes an ongoing $0 subscription that will keep CUJO updated. You'll never have to pay more to have the security features which are updated every second from our cloud.

  • Evelyn
    8/8/2017 10:26 AM

    Hi, Karolis. We're a family with one desktop PC connected by hard wire to a Comcast modem, one wireless laptop, two iPads, and two android phones. Would we connect the CUJO to the desktop PC and then have all our smart devices protected?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 10:44 AM

    @Evelyn CUJO would not connect to the desktop PC, it would connect to your Comcast modem. Then all of your devices, whether they are connected by ethernet cable or WiFi, would be protected. Your desktop PC, laptop, iPads, Android phones, and any other smart devices would all be protected.

  • Sara Beth
    Sara Beth
    8/8/2017 10:28 AM

    Does it require one to be tech savvy? sounds interesting but I have numerous devices for home assistance that i have never installed becuse they were too difficult to figure out and none work with the other.

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 10:35 AM

    @Sara Beth This is a device meant for everyone. It can be setup in minutes. But if you have any issues whatsoever, we have the most amazing support team. You can video chat with them from our app and have them guide you.

  • Dan S
    Dan S
    8/8/2017 10:39 AM

    @Sara Beth Sara, I am pretty much of a novice and have owned this product from the very beginning. Tech support has always been extremely helpful and there are several ways to connect with them. They've walked me through all the issues, (which were very few) and made sure I was up and running. I have been very satisfied.

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 2:32 PM

    @Dan S thanks for the kind words :)

  • Patricia
    8/8/2017 10:29 AM

    Hi there! Sounds amazing..I'm just trying to understand whether CUJO make Kaspersky and other online security programs unnecessary, i.e. is it in lieu of other security programs.

    Thank you.

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 10:38 AM

    @Patricia Antivirus software can only be installed on computers with hard drives and what antivirus does is check the integrity of your filesystem. This means that antivirus can't protect your iPhone or smart devices like cameras, gaming systems, TVs, doorbells, or thermostats.

    CUJO creates a network layer of protection that covers all of your internet-connected devices. We protect things at the network layer. We block threats from coming in. And if you're already infected, we block threats from communicating to the outside world.

  • Tom
    8/8/2017 10:55 AM

    Does adding this layer of protection slow down your network wifi connections and is there a diagram or something showing how it is configured?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:58 AM

    @Tom You won't notice a change in your WiFi speed. CUJO supports up to 560Mbps download/upload.

    To see how CUJO would be setup, you can look at our setup page @ - If you scroll down to Step 3, you'll see a variety of diagrams.

  • James
    8/8/2017 11:04 AM

    Hi Karolis, Does the CUJO interfere with TV streaming devices such as Tick Box ?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:42 AM

    @James It won't interfere with your Tick Box. It may require you to restart it or reconfigure it.

  • David
    8/8/2017 11:07 AM

    Hi Karolis,

    To be clear, Cujo would sit between my modem and the base station of my mesh network, right? And it would be the front line defense against malicious probes of my network, especially protecting all my smart devices.

    One still needs a Norton or equivalent for their computers since I don't see how Cujo can defend against phishing, spear fishing, etc. if one inadvertently clicks such a link.

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:48 AM

    @David CUJO would not be a bridge between the modem and your router. You would instead just connect CUJO to your base station and set CUJO as the DHCP server.

    We don't just protect against malicious probes or remote access attempts. We have safe browsing security as well where we use machine learning to determine whether a domain is malicious or not. So, if you click a phishing link going to a malicious domain, CUJO will block it. On your browser, you'll see a CUJO screen telling you that we've blocked access to that malicious domain.

    8/8/2017 11:10 AM

    How long has your product been on the market?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:20 AM

    @ROGER We did a crowdfunding campaign in the fall of 2015 and we started shipping our product last summer. So, over a year now.

  • Andrew
    8/8/2017 11:15 AM

    I have a VPN router, can I hook CUJO up to that...

    Thank you

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:42 AM

    @Andrew Yes, you can hook CUJO up to a VPN router.

  • Payne
    8/8/2017 11:19 AM

    Karolis, would your CUJO be used in conjunction with Antivirus software or would it do the same job along with cybersecurity?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:32 AM

    @Payne Many of our customers use CUJO in conjunction with antivirus. CUJO does a lot more by protecting things at the network layer. Antivirus can only be installed on computers with harddrives and can't protect smart devices. CUJO protects all internet-connected devices, from smartphones to laptops to smart lightbulbs, that are on your network.

  • James
    8/8/2017 11:26 AM

    How much will the device slow down the network?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:49 AM

    @James It's not noticeable. CUJO supports up to 560Mbps download/upload.

  • Diane
    8/8/2017 11:45 AM

    I don't have a smart phone can I control this from an app online?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 11:54 AM

    @Diane Sorry, right now we require either an iOS or Android device. We have plans for a web interface in the future.

  • Diane
    8/8/2017 12:07 PM

    @Karolis thanks

  • austin
    8/8/2017 11:51 AM

    two questions...

    1. How does the 'app' communicate with the CUJO device?

    2. What independent testing has been done on the device to verify its superiority?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 12:21 PM

    @austin 1. During setup, the app communicates via WiFi on the same network where CUJO is connected. Once setup, both CUJO and the app are connected to our cloud and you can manage your CUJO from anywhere you can use your phone.

    2. We've won numerous prizes at competitions hosted by some of the biggest companies:

    Winner: Top Smart Home Product at CES, 2017

    Winner: Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2016

    Winner: Telecom Council Spiffy Awards 2016

    Finalist: TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield NY 2016

  • George
    8/8/2017 11:51 AM

    How will this protect my iPad?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 12:03 PM

    @George CUJO will block remote access attempts to your iPad and block you from going to any malicious websites that contain malware. Generally, Apple devices are safer than most, but they aren't perfect and there have been exploits in the past.

  • Clinton
    8/8/2017 12:24 PM

    Does cujo work for your phones also for phone calls? I know it's a different network by can you add your phone to it?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 12:33 PM

    @Clinton CUJO protects your smartphone from internet threats. We don't do anything about phone calls.

  • robin
    8/8/2017 12:48 PM

    Hi Karolis,

    the re are people in my family who do a lot of intensive online gaming from both PC and game platforms. will CUJO slow down the games causing them to lag?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 1:54 PM

    @robin We have gamers among our customers and they don't complain about lag.

  • Paula
    8/8/2017 1:32 PM

    Hello! I live in a rural area where the only internet access I can get is via a little battery powered Verizon Mifi box. Will CUJO work with this setup? Thanks!

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 2:28 PM

    @Paula If there is an ethernet port, it's likely that it's compatible. If you know your Mifi box model, you can contact our support at [email protected] or 1-844-438-2856 and they'll do their best to determine if CUJO will work with your setup.

  • Annette
    8/8/2017 1:40 PM

    A few concerns if this works on an app on a smartphone, how does it give you 24/7 protection since you are not always connected to your network, but your phone's network.

    Also has this been tested

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 1:58 PM

    @Annette The app just manages the CUJO. The protection is provided to your network and devices through the CUJO and our cloud.

    When it comes to protecting your smartphone, it is protected while it is on the network CUJO is protecting, but we can't protect your phone when it's on the cell network. The devices in your home will always be protected 24/7.

    Yes, it's been tested. We have thousands of customers all over the US and the world. We're constantly learning about new threats and providing up to date security to all of the CUJOs.

  • Annette
    8/8/2017 1:49 PM

    Two concerns, since the app on the smartphone controls this function. What kinda of security is there since most of the day, I am not connected to my at home network 24/7.

    What kinda of security does the app give if I am out and about using Verizon, At&T and etc networks? How does that work? Also has this been tested extensively when it comes to blocking malicious and several hacking attempts. Do you have data or testing that shows that it does work to attacks while I am using my smartphone and iPad on other wireless networks?

    Is this just another layer of protection, security software, then malware, vpn. I understand how it protections the home network, but how does it protect the mobile devises when it is out of the range of the home network?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 2:06 PM

    @Annette To reiterate, the smartphone app is for setting CUJO up and managing the settings. The security is provided by the CUJO device and our cloud.

    If you are out and about, your smartphone won't be protected by CUJO. But all of your internet-connected devices on your home network are still secured by CUJO.

    CUJO provides a network level layer of security for your home network.

    In contrast, antivirus can only be installed on devices with harddrives and protects the integrity of the filesystem. Anti-malware is similar to antivirus in this regard. VPNs don't actually provide much security, instead they are a tool for privacy.

    CUJO will block threats from getting into your network and if a device is already infected, CUJO will prevent that threat from communicating to the outside world.

    Overall, we block thousands and thousands of threats each day. Customers see the threats their CUJO blocked on their app. We're constantly testing it. We analyze the patterns in your network traffic and crunch the data to know what's normal and what's malicious. We use machine learning to automatically detect new threats. It's constantly learning and updating itself.

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 2:20 PM

    One more thing.

    Did we mention that in addition to our security features, CUJO also has Parental Controls?

    Avoid inappropriate sites and apps, manage access schedules, and set time limits.

  • Kat
    8/8/2017 2:32 PM

    @Karolis So, what is the answer to Paula's question about living in a rural area? Will it work? Under what conditions will it not work?

  • Karolis
    Karolis – Special Guest
    8/8/2017 2:44 PM

    @Kat I've just answered Paula's question. There's nothing particular about whether you're in a rural area or not. It's about how your network is setup. If you're using something with an ethernet port, it's likely CUJO will work. We're compatible with the vast majority of routers, but there are some exceptions. You can read about CUJO's compatibility here:

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