Aluminum Utility Hook

Secure & In Sight

This hanger keeps your purses and backpacks above ground and in sight.

Made in the USA from lightweight aluminum, Dango weighs less than one ounce but holds up to 100 pounds. It was built for heavy lifting yet it’s slim enough to slip in your pocket.

Slide it over the ledge of a table, a rail, or a grab-handle on the train with
the rubber grip facing down. It’ll balance your belongings where they’re easily accessible.

Makers Charlie Carroll & Thuan Tran accounted for safety and convenience in their design. They even included a bottle opener and keychain hole to add to its functionality.

This discreet solution to a routine issue keeps your stuff accessible and your bag cleaner.
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A 1 oz. way to keep your bag off the ground.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Charlie

    Hello everyone! I'm proud to introduce Dango Hook to The Grommet. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!

  • Jeff
    12/19/2016 10:28 AM

    Love this idea! Already this winter, I've put a bag over my shoulder and later found the line of dirty water drips that went down the back of my coat because I had set the bottom of the pack in a puddle of nasty shoe parking lot melt water.

  • Charles
    Charles – Grommet Team
    12/19/2016 12:01 PM

    @Jeff Thanks for your comment. I think we can agree that nobody likes nasty shoe parking lot melt water! ; )

  • Charlie
    Charlie – Special Guest
    12/19/2016 2:26 PM

    @Jeff, we love it too! The idea was born when I was tired of putting my backpack on the floor and wasn't satisfied with any "solutions" to my problem on the market.

  • Sandra
    12/19/2016 10:59 AM

    Looks great for my granddaughter's backpacks - yes, she takes 2 to school everyday. However, it would be better in her case to somehow keep the Dango Hook fastened to the backpack straps so it would always be available from class to class without having to take it down, sip in pocket of backpack, go to next class, fish out hook and slip on desk. Any hope of you developing something like that?

  • Charles
    Charles – Grommet Team
    12/19/2016 12:01 PM

    @Sandra Interesting idea! Maybe something Dango can consider in the future.

  • Charlie
    Charlie – Special Guest
    12/19/2016 2:24 PM

    @Sandra, the Loop Hook actually has a "secure strap" built into it. You can route most Backpack webbing through the Loop Hook and due to the nature of the design, it can stay secure when not in use. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • Lylah G
    Lylah G
    12/19/2016 12:27 PM

    Seems awful expensive for a piece of aluminum. Great idea though.

  • Charles
    Charles – Grommet Team
    12/19/2016 12:32 PM

    @Lylah G Thanks for your comment. Of course, it's the idea behind the piece of aluminum that makes it so useful, so part of that cost goes to the creation and development of the product.

  • Jules
    Jules – Grommet Team
    12/19/2016 12:36 PM

    Gotta tag in to point out that Dango is made in the USA, which is one of the values our community will generally support, even if it means a higher price point than imported goods.

  • Charlie
    Charlie – Special Guest
    12/19/2016 2:19 PM

    @Jules , we are proud to manufacture these in the USA. We support local businesses and our community. Thanks for bringing this up!

  • Charlie
    Charlie – Special Guest
    12/19/2016 2:22 PM

    @Lylah, we CNC each Loop Hook from a solid piece of aircraft grade 6061 aluminum and for the Black, Red, Blue Loop Hooks, we anodize them. This process embeds the color into the metal pores and is often used in the automotive/aerospace industry. We feel that the product offers a good value for not much more than other similar products that don't have the capability, are not made in the USA, etc. Thanks!

  • jj
    12/19/2016 1:16 PM

    Any plans to modify this to a folding design or perhaps a combination fold/clip so it can be added onto a keychain?

  • Charlie
    Charlie – Special Guest
    12/19/2016 2:15 PM

    @jj We may offer different design later, but since it is cut from a solid piece of aluminum and doesn't have any moving parts, it can hold a lot of weight. Over 100lbs! The current design is super small and can be added to a keychain as is, but it is still able to fit on most tables. Great question!

  • Helen
    12/19/2016 1:56 PM

    Hey, Charlie !

    This is great and I know about 100 old ladies who lunch who would want one. There have been others I have seen that are b-dazzled and frankly tipsy due to their flimsy construction. Not much better than a bent coat hanger, and who wants to carry that to a Guild meeting. The price is right and they make great girl friend gifts. I will be ordering.

  • Charlie
    Charlie – Special Guest
    12/19/2016 2:18 PM

    @Helen Great to hear! We wanted to keep things simple and let the design speak for itself. These are super robust! We didn't like the other offerings in the market so we came up with the design you see today.

The launch day conversation has ended. Please direct further questions about this Grommet to our Community Experience Team.