Reusable Adhesive Cold Packs

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With a stick-on ice pack, you can give sore muscles and joints relief without needing to sit still. PAINCAKES have a reusable adhesive that won’t irritate your skin or pull out hair. And these tag-along ice packs are Made in the USA.

With a medical-grade, non-toxic nanogel patch, PAINCAKES comfortably adhere to an ankle, knee,
or shoulder and stay there. Unlike disposable stick-on cold packs, these are made to reuse over 100 times. Just place the cover on the gel patch after each use.

Put one in the freezer and it’ll cool in 30 minutes, which is conveniently the recommended waiting time between cold therapy sessions. If you want your PAINCAKES to be even colder, leave them in the freezer for up to 2 hours. Stick one on dry skin, then sit back or get up and move around. Wherever you go, this clingy soreness soother is going with you.
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Sore muscles? Serve up some PAINCAKES.

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Grommet Launch Conversation

  • Noah

    Hello everyone! I’m Noah Soltes, the inventor of PAINCAKES™—the cold pack that STICKS! It’s great to be here with you and an honor to be part of The Grommet. I’d be happy to answer any questions this morning!

  • Martha
    5/30/2017 11:19 AM

    Hi Noah, we were turned on Paincakes at Sea Otter Classic this year, they are amazing! My husband is VERY active, so they've helped him with his torn meniscus and rotator cuff pain. This past weekend, we turned our friends on to them, and they too fell in love. Thanks for the pain relief :)

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 11:30 AM

    @Martha Hi Martha - great to hear from you! And thanks for the kind words. Yes, PAINCAKES was at SOC with our fabulous team at Pronet. I also have a tears in both rotator cuffs and a torn meniscus in my right knee. Both of these baseball-related injuries were certainly the inspiration behind Paincakes! Wishing your husband swift & sticky healing!!! Thanks for spreading the word!

  • Kay
    5/30/2017 11:24 AM

    I have neuropathy in my feet and the only way to relieve the pain is with ice on them. Can you walk with them on at all, even for a short distance or would they bust?

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 11:45 AM

    @Kay Good morning, Kay! Thanks for you query. PAINCAKES are ideal for this type of pain. You can position them "exactly" where you need them, hands-free, strap-free. To address your other concern, PAINCAKES can withstand over 120lbs of direct pressure. You can squish and squeeze them as much as you want — they won't bust. Hope this answers your question!

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 11:47 AM

    @Noah and, most assuredly, you can wear them and move about freely! They're quite magical that way!

  • Kay
    5/30/2017 11:47 AM

    Awesome Noah, placing my order now. Thank you!

  • Carol
    5/30/2017 11:25 AM

    Noah, I'm about to have knee surgery. Are these large enough to deal with this, or are they meant for smaller injuries?

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 11:52 AM

    @Carol Great question Carol - PAINCAKES are 5 inches in diameter. They will cover your knee perfectly; just the right size! I personally have a torn meniscus and place PAINCAKES on one or both knees daily, and can move about freely.

  • Janet
    5/30/2017 11:27 AM

    Hi Noah, I am wondering if these can be stored in the freezer so they are ready when you need them, or is 2 hours the maximum time they should be left in freezer? Thanks.

  • Martha
    5/30/2017 11:42 AM

    @Janet We store ours in the freezer with no problems. It's great having them ready when we need them.

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 11:59 AM

    @Janet @Martha is spot-on. You can toss the entire zipper package (or just the Paincakes in the freezer and store them there, ready to be used. My greatest encouragement is that you always check the pack temperature before use. The Grommet & Paincakes recommend you start slowly and get acclimated not only to cold therapy if you're a newcomer, but also to our sticky-wearable-technology. As we say here, "build the chill." Slowly increase chill and application times. But certainly, yes, you can store them indefinitely in the freezer, ready for use!

  • Penelope
    5/30/2017 11:37 AM

    Noah, how long will the paincake stay cold after being in the freezer for 2 hours?

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 12:06 PM

    @Penelope Morning! Good question. When fully chilled, 2-4 hours, you'll get the doctor recommended therapeutic session of up to 10 minutes. If you're new to cold therapy, I would encourage you to go slow. Start with :30 minutes of chill time and 30-90 seconds of application time. Then, build the chill with greater (chill) times and longer application periods until you find the "sweet" spot that works for you!

  • Beverly
    5/30/2017 11:40 AM

    Noah, do you have a similar product with heat instead of cold?

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 12:18 PM

    @Beverly Thanks for the question! Paincakes are designed as cold packs. I'm aware that some power-users are warming them, but we don't recommend it. Nothing similar or warm-dedicated at the moment, however, it's on our development list. Note that Paincakes are intended for targeted, spot cold therapy; heat therapy tends to be broader in scope - say, a warm towel or the like. Hope that answers your question...

  • Glenda
    5/30/2017 11:47 AM

    Are there only one size of them or do they come in a smaller size. They look to be too big for use with migraine control. I use ice packs to help control pain.

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 12:21 PM

    @Glenda Hi Glenda! You are correct. We don't recommend our full size for migraine control. However, excitingly, The Grommet will be the first to have our Paincakes Mini, launching in June. These are amazing and will be ideal for just this type of application. Stay tuned to the Grommet!

  • Lyn
    5/30/2017 11:53 AM

    what is the adhesive? anything that someone with adhesive allergies should be concerned about?

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 12:28 PM

    @Lyn - I appreciate your question! Foremost, they are latex and silicone free. No rubber or synthetic rubbers. That said, if you have allergies, Paincakes does contain adhesive. I personally have a reaction to bandaids and most tapes (kinesiology/other), and am generally chemically sensitive - and I do not have an issue with our nano gel. That said, everyone's makeup is very different. If adhesives and you don't mix well, they may not be ideal for you! Hope that helps.

  • Nan
    5/30/2017 11:56 AM

    This product sounds great. Wish it had been around when I had debilitating migraines many year ago. Now I have peripheral neuropathy also,per one writer, but it sounds like 150 pounds would be too much to walk on with the cold packs in shoes.

  • Kay
    5/30/2017 12:17 PM

    @Nan I use ice bags on my feet just long enough to numb them and get 10 minutes of pain free life! Even 10 minutes without pain, as you know helps. These sound better because it will be easier to place exactly where I need them and fast! I just ordered 2 sets. Can't wait!

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 12:38 PM

    @Nan @Kay Hello Nan - one of our first Paincakes users was none other than my... mom. She suffers from peripheral neuropathy. Prior to her surgery, she would attach prototype Paincakes for 10 minutes! So, I'm very familiar with this particular area of attachment. As Kay pointed out, best to apply and stay off your feet, not so much as they would burst, but for purposes of balance and stability. TheGrommet will also be the first to carry our Mini Paincakes (coming in June) - our migraine "busters."

  • Vicki
    5/30/2017 2:06 PM

    Noah, How long will the patch stay cold, once it is applied?

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 2:21 PM

    @Vicki Thanks for that question! The doctor recommended application time for cold therapy is a maximum of :10 minutes, with 30 minutes between sessions. We developed Paincakes to fit within that framework.

    :30 minutes of chill time is appropriate for first use and should give you 5-7 minutes of "cold."

    As you become accustomed to cold therapy and our wearable technology, 2-4 hours of chill time will give you a full 10 minutes!!!

    Best to "build the chill..." and take is slow.

    Hope that helps!

  • carmen
    5/30/2017 2:14 PM

    Would this stay adhered to the back of the ankle (achilles area)? That's kind of an odd area to try and cover but I have a bone spur that irritates my achilles when I walk a lot.

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 2:24 PM

    @carmen Hi Carmen! Yes and yes! I'm not able to upload images here, but, unequivocally, this is the BEST product for this. Chill Paincakes for the recommended time. Then, peel the cover off and squish & conform it right to the back of your heel. Magic! You can use our social media to get some great images of achilles areas in action!

  • Karla
    5/30/2017 2:23 PM

    Can these be used for just staying cool while working? I work in a factory & in the summer, it is over 90 degrees inside the factory - in the middle of the night. We get SO HOT in there. We have sweat running down our face, etc.

  • Noah
    Noah – Special Guest
    5/30/2017 2:41 PM

    @Karla Awesome question! YES!!! While Paincakes were developed by & for athletes to manage aches & pains, I don't think there's a better, more convenient way to stay cool then (gently) slapping on a few of them in key spots!

    Hot (cool) tip: You can reposition them as often as you want! So, if you're using them to cool down, you can place one or many in specific spots (neck, wrist, ankles, et al, and keep right on working; then reposition them to "other" areas while they're still cold.

    My extended family live in a VERY hot and VERY dry part of the country. They're a bit older and don't exercise much, but, they do use them to keep cool!

    Such a great question - thank you!

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