Clip-On Glasses Holder

By ReadeREST

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This glasses holder keeps your specs safely in check. The small-but-strong magnet/steel clip combo works through clothing—like shirt pockets—to hold your glasses right where you want them, and keep them secure even if you lean over or move around.

  • Made in the USA: Argyle, TX
  • Stainless steel materials: 40% neodymium magnets, 35% plastic, 25% stainless steel; Classic black materials: 40% neodymium magnets, 35% plastic, 25% mild steel
  • Made for a Lifetime
  • Instructions: Place the lightweight backplate on the inside of the desired clothing area and attach the metal front clip to the outside. The magnets will automatically attach and self-center. Insert glasses into the holder
  • Magnetic design allows it to be attached to any article of clothing without damage
  • Keeps eyewear safe, secure, and within hands reach at all times
  • Fits all standard eyewear, such as readers, sunglasses, and safety glasses
  • Can also be used for headphones or ID badge storage (non-magnetic strip ID)
  • Please note: Do not leave the magnets on clothes in the washing machine or dryer, the machines could compromise the magnets or cause the magnets to damage clothing
  • Warning: Do not use this product with a pacemaker or defibrillator. Recommended for use on torso only, storing glasses elsewhere increases risk of impact and damage of glasses. Choking hazard, keep out of reach of children
  • Dimensions: 2" x 1" x 0.5"
  • Weight: 0.03 lb.

247 Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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They work great!'

6/18/2019 by Carolyn

This clip solved my husband's problem of "Where are my glasses?" The magnet is very strong and it was a good price for the quality.


great idea

6/16/2019 by marlene

I am always taking my close reading and other glasses off and on repeatedly. this actually looks like an accessory and holds your glasses perfectly secure.More > < Less


Great product

6/15/2019 by Ronald

A great little product. Never loose your glasses again with this helper.


I love this

6/15/2019 by Alan

As a musician, I often wear black shirts. The product is invisible to the audience. When I play, I don't wear my glasses but often need them when marking my music. The ReadeREST holds my glasses securely and I don't have to remember where I placed them when I need them. I also don't have to worry that I might crush them in a pocket.More > < Less


Love these and the improvement

6/14/2019 by April

I have had these for years from QVC with Lori. G right after their Sharktank appearance. The original with the metal were great, but I much prefer the newer style with the clear plastic and the magnets in the little 'cups'. I am very protective of the ones I have because they have been hard to find. It is great to know they are available here if I need more and now I have somewhere to point folks to as I am often asked about them.More > < Less

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ReadeREST | Clip On Glasses Holder

About ReadeREST

Secure Specs

The idea to create a glasses holder came to Rick Hopper when he needed to wear his glasses more often—and he ended up dropping them more often, too.

ReadeREST is Rick’s low-profile (but so smart) solution, and it’s Made in the USA. A super strong magnet works through fabric to hold a steel clip on the outside of shirts, jackets, and other clothing.

Unlike other holders you wear around the neck and leave your glasses dangling, these help your glasses stay put when you lean over or are moving around. And if you’re already wearing your glasses, ReadeREST can hold earbuds or ID badges in place, too.