Measuring Cap Storage Container - Set of 4

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Ditch the measuring cup—this is a measuring container. Dry goods (like nuts, cereal, or rice) store safely in the airtight vessel, while the cap measures and dispenses up to ½ cup, without spilling the rest. Take Made with you to the bulk aisle and cut down on disposable bags. The design accommodates those large scoops, but is still slim enough to fit in one hand.

  • Materials: Polypropylene and polycarbonate
  • Care: Dishwasher friendly (top rack suggested)
  • Set of 4 containers, each with a colored stripe for easy identification—1 green, 1 red, 1 yellow, & 1 blue
  • Portable—take to the store, or fill at home
  • Ergonomic—designed to accommodate the scoops and dispensers of the bulk aisle, yet fit well in your hand
  • Tare weight (0.61 lb.) printed on canister for easy subtraction
  • Integrated measuring cap eliminates the need to search for a measuring tool
  • When cap is full, measures ½ cup with additional graduation lines at ⅛ and ¼ cup
  • Canister capacity: 4.5 cups / 1 quart
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions (each container): 9.25" x 3.5" diameter
  • Weight (each container): 0.61 lb. each

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Great Idea!


I am using them daily, i bought 2 sets. Wish they came in smaller sizes. Wish they came in taller sizes [for spaghetti]. Wish they had a 1/3ish they had a 1/3 cup measurement.
Otherwise, I think the design is sleek and useful. A little pricey, but they will pay off in the long run. I always like to support Small Businesses whenever possible.
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Love these!


Cool concept some issues but overall I enjoy having these.




Containers too small to be really useful.


Unsatisfactory for me.


I immediately filled the four with special ry products, without testing how they opened to pour out the ingredients. The first omen's cover camer came loose at the joint. It was too hard to handle.

If I hadn't already filled theml I would have returned them for a refund.
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Store, measure, and serve with one container.

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No need for a measuring cup when you have a measuring container. Made measures, dispenses, and stores dry goods all in one handy vessel. In fact, "Made" stands for "Measure And Dispense Easily."

The unique design holds dry ingredients in a slim, air-tight canister, while the lid doubles as a measuring cup and dispenser. Gently tilt and shake until the right amount of dry goods is in the lid—you can see the amount against the measurement lines. Lift the cap to dispense what you want, while the remaining dry goods stay put.

Founder CJ Knapp created Made after he couldn’t measure and mix baby formula—while holding his baby daughter—in the middle of the night.

His design makes storing and serving easy. It’s perfect for measuring things that don’t need to be precise—like cereal, oats, nuts, rice, or granola. And it’s good for portion control, too.

The shape accommodates the large scoops for bulk dry goods while fitting in one hand, eliminating the need for disposable bags. Use several to store different dry goods—colored bands help identify what’s inside—and turn your pantry into a well-organized space.