Cool ID Tumbler - Set of 2

By Magisso

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Say cheers to ceramic tumblers that keep beverages perfectly chilled. Submerge the tumblers in cool water to activate their natural cooling properties. This ceramic absorbs the water quickly, leaving the surface dry, so there’s no condensation, inside or out. Your drinks stay cool for hours. The matte surface is sophisticated and also acts as a chalkboard if you want to write on it.

  • Material: Food-safe ceramics
  • Care: Dishwasher safe
  • Contains set of 2 Cool-ID tumblers
  • Each tumbler holds: 19.2 fl oz
  • Keeps contents cool for two to four hours
  • Instructions: Soak tumbler in water for 60-90 seconds prior to use. Pour any cold beverage into it and enjoy
  • Cool-ID Tumbler will be approximately 40% cooler than the ambient temperature
  • Personalizable exterior–use chalk to create a design or write a personal message
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 3.7" x 3.7" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 0.9 lb

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7/16/2016 by Accurcio

I have purchased two sets of these tumblers and was, initially, quite pleased with the product. I believe I may have given them the highest rating. However, after using them for several months and washing them several times, including putting them in the dishwasher, I am quite disappointed with them. The black finish on them has become very chipped and, in some cases, has come completely off. The black finish turns white cloudy after a while of keeping products in it. Despite the deterioration they DO manage to keep beverages cool and leave no visible ring on tables, etc.More > < Less


Not what expected

12/13/2016 by Richard

Not very impressed with product. They do not keep drinks cold for very long. Would not buy again. They look good but they don't do what it claims.


Update on ceramic tumblers

12/29/2015 by Lee

So far, I'm not impressed with the cooling properties. I ran cool water over the outside for 1 minute. I did not submerge. I then filled it up with ice w/o water, just ice. After an hour the ice was completely melted.
Not sure this was a sufficient test but so far, not impressed. Would like to know how to properly test the ceramic cooling properties.


Magisso's Response:
Hello—I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble activating the naturally cooling effect. Please try submerging the ceramic in water for 60 seconds. The water will quickly evaporate and the naturally cooling effect will kick in. The longer the ceramic sits in open air—the cooler it becomes. The ceramic will not necessarily keep your ice cubes fully intact an hour later. It will, however, keep the overall contents cool for up to 4 hours.
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6/27/2019 by Stephanie

Didn’t like these at all!


Wanted to love these but....

7/4/2018 by Marla

They just don’t keep my drinks cold. My ice melts within minutes. I wanted to love them and give them as gifts to all of my siblings but I can’t knowing that they don’t work as advertised.More > < Less

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Mind blowing ceramic barware. Really.

About Magisso

Simply Brilliant

Magisso is a Finnish design collective that creates simple, beautiful solutions to everyday problems—and they’re constantly winning awards for their designs.

Their iconic cake slicer is a whole new approach to cutting and serving. Push the loop down to cut a neat, perfectly sized piece. Squeeze and lift to serve. No need to balance the slice as you move it to the plate.

That same brand of thoughtful innovation transforms beverage chilling with Magisso’s naturally cooling ceramics. Submerge them in cool water and the porous surface absorbs it quickly—almost like magic—and the outside becomes dry.

With the cool water inside, your chilled beverages stay cool for hours without needing ice. Plus there’s no condensation dripping onto your hands or table. The matte surface is an aesthetic and functional detail, too. It looks sophisticated while doubling as a chalkboard.

We can’t wait to see what simple, stylish solutions the Magisso team will come up with next.