Extra Box of Pins for Framed Maps

By Map Your Travels

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Pin set to mark your next planned destination, places visited, favorite location, and dream travel destinations.

  • 50 red pins to mark destinations that have been visited
  • 1 blue flag to mark the next planned destination
  • 1 yellow flag to mark the favorite location so far
  • 10 green pins to mark your dream travel destinations
  • Dimensions (in packaging): 5" x 1" x 7"
  • Weight: 1 lb.
Map Your Travels - Personalized Travel & Special Interest Maps

About Map Your Travels

Celebrate Life’s Travels

Your phone may have a mapping app and your car may have a navigation system, but neither can compare to the look and feel of a real map. No digital substitute can take the place of a pinpricked map, riddled with past and future destinations. And no one makes it more personal than Map Your Travels, a Minneapolis company founded by Nancy Spangrud and David Hellstrom.

Their framed travel maps display where you've been and where you want to go. You can choose world maps or US maps, or select a hobby-themed map if your travels revolve around sports or camping. A baseball lover can track road trips and stadium destinations with the Major League Baseball map, for instance, and the national parks version is perfect for camping enthusiasts.

Each map is printed on archival paper and mounted on a foam core with a mahogany-stained wood frame (a couple of laminated unframed poster maps are also available). Sets include pins and flags to track your journeys, and you can make yours personal with a customized plaque, too.

Whether a gift for yourself or a favorite traveler, these maps perfectly capture the spirit of adventure. They’ll stir up fond memories and spark great conversations when visitors see the places you’ve been.