Terracotta Cooking Tagine

By Mason Cash

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The conical design of this tagine pot isn’t just decorative—it creates the moisture-perfect environment for braising, preparing vegetables, and making sauces. Besides infusing food with flavor, this method of cooking helps preserve nutrients, too. And the vessel goes from oven to tabletop seamlessly.

  • Materials: Terracotta
  • Care: Hand wash
  • Instructions: Soak lid in cold water 10 minutes before use, creates steam which ensures meat and veggies are kept moist
  • Terracotta tagine inspired by the classic North African cooking vessel
  • Conical shape of lid allows steam to rise to top of lid, condense, and drip down to intensify flavors
  • Intensifies flavors and tenderness of food
  • Ideal for preparing stews, slow cooking, and braising
  • Can go directly from oven to table for serving
  • Safe to use in microwave and conventional oven
  • Glazed interior base, unglazed exterior. Unglazed lid
  • Capacity: 50 fl. oz.
  • Made in Portugal
  • Please note: For oven use only, not suitable for the stovetop
  • Dimensions: 7.87" x 10.63" x 10.63"
  • Weight: 5.37 lbs.

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Love it!


We've only used one recipe so far, but it was delicious! Can't wait to try more !


My favorite gift!


My husband bought me one of these for Christmas a few weeks ago. Now that I've used it for the first time, I can officially declare it my favorite gift that I received for the holidays! It's so easy to use, just follow the care instructions. The inside of the bottom dish is glazed, so you don't have to season it like you might a totally unglazed terracotta tagine.

It comes with two recipes (one chicken, one vegetable), and I recommend using one of them for your first use of the tagine, just to get a feel for how it works. The chicken recipe didn't specify an oven temp, so I used 325F as a safe bet (never go higher than 350F).

As for the end result of my first effort? It produced a super delicious, incredibly flavorful chicken dish that both my husband and I loved!

BONUS: the wonderful craftsmanship makes it a beautiful piece to just leave out on a counter or shelf when you're not using it!
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I am excited


I had gotten bored with cooking. I have ordered some spices and a cookbook to get started.


Christmas gift


I purchased this for my Son as a gift. He hasn't seen or used it yet. He's a hard one to buy for as he has everything! I saw this and thought it is the perfect gift for him as he loves to cook healthy and this is one vessel he doesn't own yet.More > < Less


Nice product


Packaged very good so no breakage from shipping. Appears to be made very good. It’s sturdy and I’m looking forward to using it once we finish the Christmas left overs.More > < Less

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About Mason Cash

Terracotta Tagine

Cook, then serve your food in a terracotta tagine pot—its centuries-old, conical design originated in Northern Africa and works masterfully when it comes to slow cooking and braising.

Before you load your ceramic vessel and stick it in the oven, soak the lid in water for 10 minutes. Then, place the whole thing in the oven. As it heats up, steam rises into the cone, then condenses and trickles back into the shallow base, creating a moisture-perfect environment.

Whether you're braising meat, steaming veggies, or making sauces, this slow method of cooking protects the food’s nutrients and rich flavors. And not only goes from oven to countertop, it also can go back in the freezer when you're done eating.

The company that makes these ceramic cookers traces its lineage back to the 1800s. Since then, they have moved their manufacturing from England to Portugal, but remain true to their timeless ceramic designs.