Mason Jar Fermentation Kit

By Masontops

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Everything you need to make nutrient-rich, good-for-the-gut ferments. These mason jar fermenting lids screw directly to mason jars, keeping out air while also letting gases escape—so you don’t have to periodically burp the jar. The kit also includes instructions, recipes, glass weights, and even a vegetable tamper to help release moisture from veggies directly in the jar.

  • Materials: Pure soda-lime glass, silicone, acacia wood
  • Includes 4 waterless airlocks for wide-mouth mason jar fermentation in assorted colors (blue, purple, teal, red), 4 glass weights for wide mouth mason jars, 1 vegetable fermentation tamper, and a fermentation guide with recipes, instructions, and fermentation tips
  • Airlocks allow internal gases to escape, eliminating the risk of mold and need for daily monitoring during fermentation
  • Glass weights are made of non-iridized soda glass that are inert and ensure vegetables stay below the surface of the brine, eliminating exposure to oxygen which causes mold
  • Vegetable tamper is used for packing vegetables for fermentation and is made from all-natural, untreated acacia wood
  • Has enough supplies for 4 simultaneous ferments
  • All components made from food-safe and lead-free materials
  • Airlocks made from BPA- and phthalate-free food-grade silicone
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 12.1" x 9" x 4.6"
  • Weight: 3.75 lbs.
  • Clean weights and airlocks before each use to prevent contamination
  • Hand wash weights and airlocks with warm water and soap or clean in top rack of dishwasher. If using the dishwasher, avoid extreme heat settings (i.e., "steam")
  • Do not boil glass weights
  • Hand wash vegetable fermentation tamper with warm soapy water only
  • Occasionally oiling tamper will help to protect and condition the wood
  • Tamper not dishwasher safe and should never be allowed to stand in water as it may damage the wood

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5/15/2018 by Joe

Best and easiest way to get results!


Minature means for great home made Kraut

12/28/2017 by Ron

I used this set to make sauerkraut from cabbage that was left over from my big annual batch (6 Gallons) and was very pleased with the result. The mason jars needed very little care and the kraut came out crispy and tart. Will keep them in mind if my supply starts to run short net fall. Good product, so good I gifted a couple of sets to fans of my home made kraut so they could make their own.More > < Less


Easy to use

11/14/2017 by Evelyn

This is my first venture into making my own homemade pickles and fermented veggies, these masontop products make it so easy to do I wish I had tried it sooner. Super simple and my family can't wait to try my pickled cauliflower and beets.More > < Less


Fermentation in prcess

11/1/2017 by Shirley

It's fun. Looking forward to years of fermenting.


Great product wonderful gift for the health conscious

9/26/2017 by Madison

This is an awesome set!
I'm sure I will use it often.

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Masontops | Mason Jar Fermentation

About Masontops

Good for the Gut

Take the guesswork out of home fermentation. This mason jar fermenting lid creates the perfect anaerobic environment to make sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi, and other ferments.

There’s less daily maintenance, too, compared to other techniques. The lid keeps air out but is designed to let gases escape, so you don’t have to burp it every day. Plus, mason jars are pretty easy to get a hold of—you can even use ones you already own. Just screw the airlock lid onto jar and wait for the good bacteria to emerge.

Fermentation is good for you because of that bacteria. It can boost your gut health, strengthen your immunity, and improve your body's ability to absorb nutrients.

Whether you’re experienced or new to the craft, Masontops’ kit equips you with everything you need (instructions, recipes, glass weights, and even a vegetable tamper to help release the veggie’s brine directly in the jar).

Make room on your counter for your very own batches of fermented goodness. Your gut will thank you.