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By Matador


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Matador takes essential gear and makes it so compact that it’s easy to have on hand. Their packable blanket is lightweight and durable, and folds neatly into a palm-sized pocket—but amazingly, there’s room for two to comfortably sit (at the beach, park—heck, even in the backyard) when it’s spread out. And it’s made from tough water repellent and puncture resistant nylon to be long lasting, too.

  • Materials: HyprLyte nylon
  • Care: Hand wash and hang dry
  • Ultra-compact, pocket friendly, portable to fit in a pocket, purse, car, or backpack
  • Water-repellent, puncture-resistant
  • The fabric is less than 90 microns thick and designed to maximize portability without sacrificing durability
  • Durable: Sticks, sand, rocks, dirt, and insects can't get through
  • Easily pack into attached storage pouch by folding on the stitched dotted lines
  • Weighted corners
  • Great for picnics, parks, or camping
  • Fits up to four people sitting, or two lying down
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: Unfolded: 63" x 44"; Rolled up: 4" x 3" x 1.125"
  • Weight: 0.25 lb.

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Not so great

10/20/2014 by Libby

I really liked the idea of this blanket, and was planning to keep it in my diaper bag. However, it is a bit small and so flimsy that the wind would easily blow it away.More > < Less


Not as great as I hoped

3/10/2015 by Susanne

Sewed seams on a blanket marketed to be waterproof? Not such a good idea, if those seams go across and add holes to the whole blanket, to makeo make it possible for water to seep in :(
And those are added just to mark folding lines?? Do they think, I am so stupid not to know, where to fold in half?? Even worse, the seams are not secured at their ends, so they are opening up on both, the blanket and the pouch.
Loved the fabric of the blanket though - I hope they will do a plain, seamless piece soon! I'll buy it!
More > < Less



10/16/2014 by Hector



the bag

10/8/2014 by Brahm

This product would be a lot better if there was a draw string on the bag. The Blanket is hard to fold back the way it was even with the lines. And when it is finally in the bag it will find its way back out again on its own. Try throwing it in a purse. And it will end up out of it's bag in there. Not a great product. I order a lot of things on the internet, and I am almost never disappointed. This time I am!More > < Less

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About Matador

Go Anywhere Gear

Matador’s eminently packable bags and gear began with a walk in the park—and no place to sit. Founder Chris Clearman created a compact, lightweight, use-anywhere blanket first to solve that problem, and has since expanded his products to include other functional, easy-to-use essentials.

Chris and the rest of the crew at Matador are all outdoors lovers, so their designs are handy to take pretty much anywhere without weighing you down—and are durably built to be long lasting, too.

To make sure their goods keep up on your adventures, Matador uses tough materials like water- and puncture-resistant nylon and water-resistant sealing zippers. And the packable designs neatly tuck away—even the blanket—into a palm-sized pocket. Whether you’re commuting to work on communing with nature, this gear is there when you need it.