Fast-Paced Puzzle Game

By Maze Racers

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Build a maze as fast as you can—the trickier the better—because your opponents have to navigate it. In this fast-paced, fun game, players build mazes with foam shapes on magnetic boards and swap with the competition. Use logic, speed, and engineering skills to stump the other players. Whoever gets through the end—and back—first wins.

  • Includes: 2 maze boards, 76 foam blue walls, 76 foam yellow walls, 2 foam green start pieces, 2 foam red end pieces, 2 wooden spacers, 2 wooden balls, and 1 sand timer
  • Great for stimulating creativity
  • Suggested for ages 8+
  • Maze Racers game rules & instructions
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11.74" x 15.13" x 1.9"
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs.
  • Note: Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three

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1/9/2016 by Mark

Awesome game! What a blast trying to build the most difficult and time consuming maze. We love it adults and kids alike!


Maze Racers

1/8/2016 by Annette

I gave this to my grandson for Christmas. Sounded like it would be challenging, fun, and a great alternative to the omnipresent electronic devices. Can't wait to play the game with him.More > < Less


Keep your cognitive skills well-honed!

1/8/2016 by Emily

Although we haven't played the game yet, my husband was delighted to receive it as one of his Christmas surprise! Our 25 yr. old son was so impressed with it that we are giving him one for his birthday in January. As seniors, my husband and I are constantly trying to challenge our minds with thought- provoking, brain-teasing games, puzzles, and exercises. The Maze Racer seems to be just the thing to keep one's cognitive skills well-honed!More > < Less


Creative fun!

1/8/2016 by Keven

Our daughter in law and 3 yr old maze runner grandson loved it! It's a very creative toy for the family!



1/4/2016 by Shelleigh

Ordered this for my Great Niece and she totally loves it.

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Are you smarter than a rat in a maze?

About Maze Racers

Ready, Set, Race

Challenge your family to a hectic, strategic game night with Maze Racers. Make a maze as tricky—and as quickly—as possible, then pass it over to one of your opponents to navigate.

You build your maze using foam shapes on magnetic trays. Whoever is done first yells, "Ready to race!" and flips the sand timer—now everyone else has just 60 seconds to finish building.

When the minute is up, swap trays, and try to maneuver the wooden ball through your opponent’s maze and back. Make it there first and you win the round.

After a few attempts, you’ll be able to make more complex mazes to trip up the competition. When we tried it out, our 11-year-old tester’s designs got progressively ambitious. This puzzle game is so engaging that kids won’t notice they’re building engineering and logic skills.

Inventor Andy Geremia’s first prototype of Maze Racers was made out of a cereal box and straws. The idea was so good, he won a competition with that makeshift board. Play a few rounds, and you’ll agree this game is a winner.