Fast-Paced Puzzle Game

By Maze Racers

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Build a maze as fast as you can—the trickier the better—because your opponents have to navigate it. In this fast-paced, fun game, players build mazes with foam shapes on magnetic boards and swap with the competition. Use logic, speed, and engineering skills to stump the other players. Whoever gets through the end—and back—first wins.

  • Includes: 2 maze boards, 76 foam blue walls, 76 foam yellow walls, 2 foam green start pieces, 2 foam red end pieces, 2 wooden spacers, 2 wooden balls, and 1 sand timer
  • Great for stimulating creativity
  • Suggested for ages 8+
  • Maze Racers game rules & instructions
  • Made in China
  • Dimensions: 11.74" x 15.13" x 1.9"
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs.
  • Note: Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under three

36 Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Good idea

1/12/2016 by phyllis

12 year olds liked this game, but it wasn't as popular as I thought it would be. Maybe some drawings for suggestions on how to build a maze would be helpful.More > < Less


Fed Ex shipping

12/12/2015 by Lujean

The product is amazing. For your information, please review shipping with Fed Ex. Fed Ex delivered my package to the wrong apartment. It would not have been a problem if I had my own house, but in an apartment building it is a problem. I do not know all my neighbors, so to think someone could keep my package is very disturbing. I did retrieve my package, but only because the person is on the first floor and didn't check for his mail. I do not know this person, so I am unsure whether I would have gotten my package if I didn't check his porch. If the delivery person would have gone into the lobby, he would have realized there is more than one apartment. Sorry about the complaint, but money is tight and being it is a Christmas gift it was very disturbing to me.More > < Less


really only good for 2 players

2/5/2016 by Cynthia

The suggestion that this works for "teams" of players was a disappointment. It's really a 2 person game which completely defeated our "Family Game" plans. We gave a 2nd set to another family, they said the same thing; it simply was not a family game at all. All the fun is for 2, no more.More > < Less


Great idea, for older kids or adults though

1/14/2016 by Robin

Hello - I LOVE the idea of this game, but bought it for my 7 and 5 year old kids. They just couldn't create a maze without help, and even thenn then got frustrated. There are more pieces than you need for each maze, but they insisted on using all of them, so it became a big crying fest instead of the fun New Years Eve it was supposed to be! We are keeping it though, and hopefully me and the hubby will play it against each other soon. Very creative idea for a game, and I love how it is different each time. Ball does tend to roll off the tray though...it's too lightweight.More > < Less


Okay game

11/24/2017 by Janet

I bought this game for when my grandsons, 8 and 10 years old, come to visit. The 8 year old wasn’t that interested and said it was hard while the 10 year old had no problem with it. After about a half hour both boys were bored with the game.More > < Less

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Are you smarter than a rat in a maze?

About Maze Racers

Ready, Set, Race

Challenge your family to a hectic, strategic game night with Maze Racers. Make a maze as tricky—and as quickly—as possible, then pass it over to one of your opponents to navigate.

You build your maze using foam shapes on magnetic trays. Whoever is done first yells, "Ready to race!" and flips the sand timer—now everyone else has just 60 seconds to finish building.

When the minute is up, swap trays, and try to maneuver the wooden ball through your opponent’s maze and back. Make it there first and you win the round.

After a few attempts, you’ll be able to make more complex mazes to trip up the competition. When we tried it out, our 11-year-old tester’s designs got progressively ambitious. This puzzle game is so engaging that kids won’t notice they’re building engineering and logic skills.

Inventor Andy Geremia’s first prototype of Maze Racers was made out of a cereal box and straws. The idea was so good, he won a competition with that makeshift board. Play a few rounds, and you’ll agree this game is a winner.